Artful Impact: Come, Look, Respond!


Saturday, December 1

3pm Part of

Artful Impact




Look closely at works on view in Art and Identity, and share what you see and what you don’t. Join HRM’s Kress Foundation Interpretive Fellow, Christian Stegall, for Artful Impact. Not your typical talk or tour, this ongoing program seeks to create the magical moments spent sitting on a couch with family and friends in conversation about art and the other things that make us human. Join our family as we talk, listen, discuss, and meet new people in a setting that will take you back to those times when friendship was all you needed!

This Saturday, join HRM’s Kress Foundation Interpretive Fellow Christian Stegall in exploring representations of femininity in Barkley L. Hendricks’ Brenda P, 1974, and Hiram Powers’ Eve Disconsolate, 1871.