Current Exhibition Resources

Learn more about our current exhibitions with the following virtual tours and hands-on art activities from the comfort of your home. Please check our calendar for upcoming virtual tours and art workshops.


Women to the Fore (through January 3)

Virtual Artist Talk: Cynthia Daignault’s Postcards from America

In Conversation with Women to the Fore

Artist Susan Leopold on Bannerman’s Castle at the HRM

Artist Judy Giera Visits the Hudson River Museum

Drawing the Head: A Virtual Workshop with Julia Santos Solomon

Virtual Tour of Women to the Fore Part 2

Virtual Artist Talk: Vinnie Bagwell on Victory Beyond Sims

Collection Conversations: Hannelore Baron & Yvonne Thomas
In a new series of teaching resources, we explore paired works from the permanent collection and imagine the conversations the artists—and their works—might have with one another across time, space, medium, and context. Practice a simple abstraction exercise and experiment with the concept of synesthesia.
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It’s Personal: Exploring the Work of Georgia O’Keeffe
Make a detailed, monochromatic work on paper inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe’s Banana Blossom. An open-ended art project designed for ages 5+.
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People & Patterns: Exploring the Work of Ebony Bolt
Choose a subject, create multiple sketches over time, and arrange them in a pattern, inspired by Ebony Bolt’s Botanical Dreams in the Concrete Jungle. An open-ended art project designed for ages 5+.
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Worlds in Wood: Exploring the Work of Louise Nevelson
Create a mixed-media sculpture series inspired by Louise Nevelson’s Sky Enclosure. An open-ended art project designed for ages 5+.
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Collection Conversations: Asher B. Durand & Alison Moritsugu
Asher B. Durand and Alison Moritsugu made choices while creating their two very different versions of landscape paintings, but in their process they are looking for an answer to the same big questions: how has human behavior affected nature and the environment, past and present, and how can we as artists help people to think about and reflect on their own impact so we can make the best choices for the future? Experiment with painting on an unusual surface in an open-ended art project designed for ages 8+.
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On the Edge: Exploring the Work of Jordan Matter
Stage a tableau vivant, or living picture, inspired by Jordan Matter’s Vista. An open-ended art project designed for ages 5+.
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Summer Fridays: Exploring the Work of Richard Mayhew
Make a landscape version of yourself inspired by Richard Mayhew’s Friday. An open-ended art project designed for ages 5+.
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Experiment with One-Point Perspective
Create a multi-dimensional recording from one point in space inspired by Marcia Clark’s Butterfield Road Intersection. A 30-minute art project designed for ages 5+.
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Create Your Own Landscape
Map out a landscape composition with a foreground, middle ground, background, and horizon line. A 20–30-minute art project designed for ages 6–18.
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