General Robert E. Lee on Traveller

Acrylic on wood

6 ¾ x 9 ¾ inches
Credit Line:
Collection of Lysiane Luong Grooms and the artist

Before Lee became the hero of the Confederacy, he graduated from West Point, served in the United States Army, and arrested abolitionist John Brown after his attack at Harper’s Ferry. Lincoln would have given Lee command of the Union armies but Lee, though neither pro-slavery nor pro-secession, came down firmly on the side of the South, when the Union invaded his beloved Virginia. A good warhorse was critical, and Grooms researched an image by Samuel Gilmore to commemorate Lee’s connection his trusted mount Traveller. The large gray American Saddlebred earned a reputation for speed, strength, and bravery, though Lee used at least three other mounts during the war.