Tent Summit, Generals Davies, Gregg, Sheridan, Merritt, Torbert and Wilson, after Mathew Brady

Oil on wood, rustic frame
6 x 7 ¼ inches
Credit Line:
Collection of Lysiane Luong Grooms and the artist

Grooms portrays the cavalry officers who were key to the final push of the war in Virginia. In 1864 Ulysses S. Grant became commanding general of the Union Army and put Philip Sheridan (center, standing) in charge of cavalry. As with Sherman’s March through Georgia, Grant expected Sheridan to wage “total war.” Traditional battle ethics spared civilian property, but Grant ordered, The people should be informed that so long as an army can subsist among them recurrences of these raids must be expected. . . . Do all the damage to railroads and crops you can. . . . If the war is to last another year, we want the Shenandoah Valley to remain a barren waste.