A Note of Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect, enjoy each other’s company, and express our gratitude. On behalf of the Hudson River Museum, I would like to thank you for being part of our community. Your presence in our galleries throughout the year brings new perspectives and a special energy to the Museum that makes a world of difference. Thank you as well for your generous support, without which we could not develop the quality experiences or programs with outstanding artists, scientists, historians, and educators who help us see the world through new lenses.

I personally cherish the Thanksgiving weekend at the HRM because it is a time when I get to see so many of you on our campus, with your family and friends. Look for me in the galleries, where we are proud to feature our exhibition, Maya Lin: A River Is a Drawingin Glenview, which is beautifully decorated for the holidays, or even in one of our studio workshops, where I might be channeling some creative energy with my own children alongside all of you.

As I walked through the galleries today, I paused to spend a few moments in front of David C. Driskell’s Woman with Flowers, 1972, brought to the Hudson River Museum thanks to a wonderful partnership with Art Bridges. With her eyes closed in deep meditation and with blooms in hand, the figure emanates strength, endurance and peace. Without a word, she reminded me to stop, take time to smell the flowers, and give thanks for what we are all able to accomplish together.

Wishing you all a day of sharing and good will, and in the best of company.

With appreciation,

Masha Turchinsky