Camp Visits

The Hudson River Museum is pleased to welcome back camp groups for summer 2024. Enjoy our exciting selection of in-person planetarium shows and complementary hands-on workshops, tailored for all ages, interests, and learning styles.

Camp visits are available Tuesday through Friday, 9:30am–5pm, from July 9 through August 23, 2024, by advance reservation only. Choose between 1-hour planetarium shows and 2-hour experiences that combine a planetarium show with a hands-on workshop. The last camp groups are admitted at 4pm. Please note, assisted hearing devices are available, and all planetarium shows end with live Q&A.

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For more information, contact Pedro Betanzos, Manager of Youth and Family Programs at For school and other guided group visits, please see our School & Group Visits page.


Photo: Yuliya Levit


A 1-hour planetarium show costs $200 for up to 20 attendees, PLUS $7 per additional attendee. The required number of chaperones is free of charge. Additional chaperones are $5 each. The maximum capacity for the planetarium is 120 participants.

A 2-hour experience combining a planetarium show and hands-on workshop costs $300 for up to 20 campers, PLUS $10.50 per additional camper. The museum can host up to 60 participants for a two-hour combined planetarium show and hands-on workshop per visit. The required number of chaperones is free of charge. Additional chaperones are $5 each. Workshop activities are capped at 30 participants per hour.


Leaders and chaperones are responsible for their campers at all times. For campers Grades 2 and up (ages 8+), 1 chaperone is required for every 10 campers. For campers Pre-K through Grade 1 (ages 3–7), 1 chaperone is required for every 5 campers. The required number of chaperones are free of charge. Additional chaperones are $5 each.

Lunch Space

If you are interested in reserving an indoor space for lunch, classrooms may be reserved at an additional cost of $50/hour for up to 60 people. Otherwise, we recommend picnicking in nearby Trevor Park.


Advance reservations are required. To lock in a program date, a 50% deposit must be placed and confirmed by the Museum no less than one week prior to the onsite visit but no earlier than July 1. Due to high demand, we recommend booking at least six weeks in advance.

Any requests to reschedule or cancel must be made in writing via email to Pedro Betanzos at at least two weeks prior to your confirmed onsite visit date in order to set a new date that is mutually acceptable, or to receive a refund or credit. Any group that fails to follow these requirements will forfeit the deposit.

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Planetarium Shows for Pre-K–Grade 2 / Ages 4–7

One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure

Planetarium Shows for Pre-K–Grade 3 / Ages 4–8

Magic Tree House: Space Mission

Planetarium Shows for Kindergarten–Grade 4 / Ages 5–10

Earth, Moon, and Sun

Myths, Legends, and Travelers’ Tales (LIVE!)

Planetarium Shows for Grades 3–12 / Ages 8–adult

Beyond the Sun

Birth of Planet Earth

Habitat Earth

Legends of the Night Sky: Perseus and Andromeda

Our Solar System (LIVE!)

The Sky Tonight (LIVE!)

Tycho Goes to Mars

We Are Aliens

We Are Astronomers

We Are Stars

Planetarium Shows for Grades 4–12 / Ages 9–adult

Moonbase: The Next Step

Planetarium Shows for Grades 7–12 / Ages 12–adult

Earth and Sky Science (LIVE!)

The Victorian’s Guide to the Galaxy

Daily Planet (Pre-K–Grade 3 / Ages 4–8)

Planetarium show: Our Solar System (LIVE!) OR Tycho Goes to Mars 

Workshop: Make three-dimensional soft-sculpture models of planets, real and imaginary.

Stomp ‘em Rockets (Pre-K–Grade 6 / Ages 4–12)

Planetarium show: Magic Tree House: Space Mission OR Tycho Goes to Mars

Workshop: Learn the mechanics of launching a rocket in space. Build your own and launch it outdoors.

Planet Detectives (Grades 4–8 / Ages 9–13)

Planetarium show: Our Solar System (LIVE!)

Workshop: Examine properties of the worlds of our solar system that orbit around the sun, uncover clues in our new Orbits discovery boxes, and reveal the hidden planet.

Drawing from Nature (Kindergarten–Grade 12 & Adult / Ages 5+)

Planetarium show: Habitat Earth

Workshop: Students are given hands-on access to the Museum’s teaching “touch collection.” Thinking like a scientist, students draw and record their observations of the locally gathered natural materials. They closely study their characteristics, hypothesize, and learn about different habitats along the Hudson River.