The Sky Tonight


Saturdays & Sundays at 2pm




Families, General

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Take an awe-inspiring tour of the night sky as seen from our area, with topics ranging from visible planets, bright stars, and the Milky Way, to periodic comets, seasonal constellations, alien planets, upcoming rocket launches, and more!

Jupiter and Saturn are visible right after sunset in November, and we’ll give you signposts to find them, as well as the latest tally in the ongoing who-has-the-most-moons knockdown between our Solar System’s two most massive planets.

January’s cold, clear skies hold the brightest of all night-time stars, and some of the most famous constellations. Get a new appreciation of familiar Orion as your guide to other constellations and elusive deep-sky objects. Get your space questions addressed and catch up on the latest discoveries!

Recommended for ages 8+; 60-minute live and interactive show. Advance reservations are encouraged.


Sponsored by Domino Sugar Yonkers Refinery.