The Sky Tonight


Saturdays & Sundays at 2pm*




Families, General

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Take an awe-inspiring tour of the night sky as seen from our area, with topics ranging from visible planets, bright stars, and the Milky Way, to periodic comets, seasonal constellations, alien planets, upcoming rocket launches, and more!

A total solar eclipse is the rarest and most spectacular of all astronomical events. On Monday, April 8, our region will experience one—the last chance we’ll get until 2079! What will be visible from Westchester? Where will you have to go to glimpse the full spectacle? What prospects are there for a clear sky on that day? During these special live shows, learn more about this event and how you can view it safely. This event is part of #HRMEclipse.

Following the eclipse, we’ll cover springtime sights like Leo the lion and a cluster with a slightly goofy name: “Berenice’s Hair,” or Coma Berenices. Coma Berenices—Bernice’s Hair. It’s a cluster that is distant enough that the individual stars are just barely visible to the unaided eye. Explore this distant stellar family this month.

Recommended for ages 8+; 60-minute live and interactive show. Advance reservations are encouraged.

*Please note, The Sky Tonight will not be offered on Saturday, March 23. Instead, Moonbase: The Next Step will be shown at 11:30am, 2, and 3:30pm. Tickets will be available for onsite purchase only; no advance purchase available on that day.


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