Virtual Group Visits

The Hudson River Museum is pleased to offer group visits for the 2020–2021 school year in accordance with CDC and New York State guidelines. Our virtual museum experience packages are responsive to the needs of our communities and support the numerous hybrid reopening plans of school districts and other organizations throughout the region.

The Museum now offers virtual museum experience packages for schools, homeschool groups, and other groups that are customized, interactive, interdisciplinary, and inquiry-based. We invite you to access our educational resources in new and exciting ways. Please note, we are now a NYC DOE Vendor.

To schedule your program or to inquire about partnerships, in-person, and onsite Museum experiences, please contact us at or (914) 963-4550 x247.


Photo: Yuliya Levit

Virtual Museum Experience Packages

Each package includes a 45-minute virtual museum experience for your school group, available Tuesday through Friday, that is customized and interactive, and offers a choice between the following:

  • Planetarium Show: A live, virtual planetarium show, using Stellarium and other simulator software, with a science educator.
  • Museum Tour: A live, virtual exploration of artworks from the Museum’s collection galleries and special exhibitions, Glenview, and Hudson Riverama, supported by inquiry-based conversation with a museum educator or docent.

Each live virtual visit also includes an accompanying lesson plan that provides educators with:

  • Access to guiding questions;
  • An open-ended activity;
  • A step-by-step video that an educator can use to prepare for, or follow up on their live experience.

Employing this new model, the Museum continues to provide thematic, interdisciplinary tours, planetarium shows, and workshops for all levels, interests, and learning styles. Participants engage with art, history, and science in a virtual informal learning environment, while developing skills in visual literacy, critical thinking, English Language Arts, creative problem solving, communication, and collaboration.

Need a customized experience?

We’ll work with you to tailor your program, whether you are an adult/senior group interested in only a tour or planetarium show, or a school (Pre-K through Grade 12, college, and graduate levels), homeschool, learning pod, or scout group, including special needs and English Language Learners interested in the museum experience package.

School programming supports New York State Learning Standards, NYS Next Generation Learning Standards, and Common Core State Standards, as well as STEM and STEAM concepts in the current classroom curriculum.

School Groups
$100 per class of up to 30 students for a 45-minute live virtual program, with supporting materials, as described above. Please note, we are now a NYC DOE Vendor.

Adult Groups 
$100 per group of up to 30 people for a 45-minute live virtual program.

To schedule your program or to inquire about partnerships, in-person, and onsite Museum experiences, please contact us at or (914) 963-4550 x247.

Advance reservations are required. To lock in a program date, payment in full must be made, and must be confirmed by the Museum, at least two weeks prior to the virtual visit.

Any requests to reschedule or cancel must be made in writing via email to at least two weeks prior to your confirmed virtual visit date in order to set a new date that is mutually acceptable or to receive a refund or credit. Any group that fails to follow these requirements will forfeit the entire program fee.

Colors of the Sky (Pre-K–Grade 1)

In this live, virtual planetarium show, explore the Earth’s relationship to the Sun and Moon and how these movements change what we see in the sky at different times during the day and night.

Daily Planet (Pre-K–Grade 3)

Survey the Solar System in this live, virtual planetarium show, exploring the planets, their major moons, and other objects gravitationally bound to the Sun.

Moving Moon, Changing Moon (Kindergarten–Grade 6)

Discover the Earth-Moon-Sun relationship in this live, virtual planetarium show by taking a tour of the sky as seen from your area and engaging in movement at home.

Sky Legends (Grades 1–4)

Take a trip into the night sky in this live, virtual planetarium show to learn more about what we see, including visible planets, seasonal constellations, and meteor showers, and hear some of the stories humans tell about the stars.

Orbits (Grades 4–12)

In this live, virtual planetarium show, survey the Solar System, examine properties of the planets, make observations, and practice recording and analyzing data used by astronomers in their studies of space.

Highlights Tour (Pre-K–Grade 12 & Adult)

Enjoy a varied selection of works of art on view throughout the Museum Galleries and Glenview, drawing from both our permanent collection and special exhibitions.

Portraiture: People and Places in Time (Pre-K–Grade 12 & Adult)

Learn about the art of portraiture and discover what it can reveal about the subject, as well as the time and community in which they lived.

Dreamy Landscapes (Pre-K–Grade 12 & Adult)

Take a closer look at works by Hudson River School artists in HRM’s permanent collection to learn about the elements of landscape painting and the relationship of figures to their surroundings.

Gilded Age Upon the Hudson (Pre-K–Grade 12 & Adult)

Travel back in time to 1877! Discover Glenview’s restored rooms, paintings, and furnishings, and learn how the Trevor family spent their time more than 140 years ago.

Shapes and Patterns (Pre-K–Grade 3)

Explore the motifs and patterns of Glenview’s architecture and interior decor, and discover principles of art and design found throughout the HRM’s campus and permanent collection.

Naturalist's Journey (Pre-K–Grade 5)

Take a virtual journey through the Upper, Middle, and Lower Hudson Valley habitats, learn about the specific conditions that allow a range of flora and fauna to make their homes, and develop your observational skills through sketching and field journaling.

River Mapping (Grades 1–12)

Take a close look at the geographic and geologic features of the Upper, Middle, Lower Hudson Valley and observe different artists’ representations of maps in the HRM’s permanent collection.