Group Visits

The Museum offers a wide range of educational programs for groups, both as one-day trips and in-depth partnerships, throughout the year, including camps in July and August. Groups are admitted Tuesday–Friday from 10am–5pm and must be reserved in advance.

We’ll work with you to customize your experience, whether you are are inquiring about an adult, senior, school (Pre-K through 12, college, and graduate levels), homeschool, camp, or scout group, including special needs and English Language Learners. School visits support New York State Learning Standards, NYS Next Generation Learning Standards, and Common Core State Standards, as well as STEM and STEAM concepts. If you have any questions, contact us at or (914) 963-4550 x250.

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Photo: Yuliya Levit

One-Day Visits

Bring your group to participate in our thematic, interdisciplinary tours, planetarium shows, and workshops for all levels, interests, and learning styles. Participants engage with art, history, and/or science in an informal learning environment, while students develop skills in visual literacy, critical thinking, English Language Arts, creative problem solving, communication, and collaboration.

Choose from the following:

1-Hour Visit
Guided tour OR planetarium show $120 for up to 20 participants; $5.50 for each additional participant

2-Hour Visit
Guided tour OR planetarium show PLUS workshop $200 for up to 20 participants; $9.50 for each additional participant

3-Hour Visit
Guided tour AND planetarium show PLUS workshop $280 for up to 20 participants; $13.50 for each additional participant

Title I schools may qualify for reduced rates.

Inquire about our specially-focused, in-depth, 3-hour STEM and STEAM programs for elementary, middle, and high school students, and ask about our special partnership with ConEd for STEM Day Out.

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The Museum collaborates with institutions on designing multi-visit partnerships, which vary in size and scope, from 3 to 10 sessions, and are priced accordingly. Learning takes place both at your site and at the Museum, and all pre- and post-visits are conducted by Museum Educators and contain a hands-on element. Partnerships may include professional development for participating teachers and administrators, as well as a six-month Museum Membership for the families of all participants and staff.

Contact us at or call (914) 963-4550 x250 to customize a partnership that’s right for you.

All Reservations

A 50% deposit is required at least two weeks in advance of your reserved visit. Cancellations must be made 48 hours before scheduled time to avoid fees.

Teachers, adult chaperones, and group leaders are responsible for their students and participants at all times. For Pre-K–Grade 1 school groups, two adult chaperones are required and admitted FREE for every group of up to 10 students. For Grades 2–12, one adult chaperone is required and admitted FREE for every group of up to 10 students. Additional adults are $5 each, regardless of the length of the program.


1-Hour Planetarium Shows

See descriptions of all planetarium shows here.

2-Hour Planetarium Show & Workshop Combinations

Colors of the Sky (Pre-K–Grade 1)
Show: The Sky Tonight
Workshop: Mix colors to make day and night skyscapes.

Daily Planet (Pre-K–Grade 3)
Show: Our Solar System
Workshop: Make 3D soft sculpture planet models.

Moving Moon, Changing Moon (Grades K–6)
Show: Tycho to the Moon (Grades K–) OR The Sky Tonight (Grades 4–6)
Workshop: Place the phases of the Moon in order, then create a 3D moon phase model.

Myth Making (Grades 2–12, adult)
Show: Myths, Legends, and Travelers’ Tales
Workshop: Create and illustrate original myths based on works in the Museum’s collection, or inspired by people and events, current or historical.

Orbits (Grades 4–12, adult)
Show: Our Solar System
Workshop: Examine properties of the planets, make observations, and record data using clues in discovery boxes.

Regents Earth Science (Grades 7–12)
Show: customized planetarium show
Workshop: Classify and differentiate the planets OR interpret data about a hypothetical solar system.

Sky Legends (Grades 1–4)
Show: Legends of the Night Sky: Perseus and Andromeda
Workshop: Create glow-in-the-dark constellations and stories.

Art & History

1-Hour Tours

Special Exhibition Tours

Maya Lin: A River Is a Drawing (Pre-K–Grade 12, adult)
Interact with the innovative, site-specific installations renowned artist and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Maya Lin has created for the Museum from unexpected mediums. Consider the role of humanity in the landscape while exploring the geography, topography, and history of the Hudson River, and the environmental issues surrounding it. Learn more about the exhibition, which will be on view October 12, 2018–January 20, 2019.

The Color of the Moon: Lunar Painting in American Art (Pre-K–Grade 12, adult)
Explore artistic and scientific interpretations of and fascination with the moon. Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing by traveling through the first major examination of the moon as depicted in American landscape art from the 19th century to today. Learn more about the exhibition, which will be on view February 8–May 12, 2019.

A Century of Lunar Photography & Beyond (Pre-K–Grade 12, adult)
In recognition of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s lunar landing, the Museum will display a survey of photographs of the Moon, the earliest of which were taken from an observatory in Westchester in 1863. Learn more about the exhibition, which will be on view February 8–December 15, 2019.

Women & War: Feminine Imagery in WWI Posters (Grades 7–12, adult)
Commemorating the centennial of WWI, this installation of works from the collection features the power of the poster to galvanize public opinion and support the country’s war effort. Learn more about the exhibition, which will be on view October 17, 2018–January 20, 2019.

Permanent Collection & Glenview Tours

Highlights Tour (Pre-K–Grade 12, adult)
Learn about a selection of works on view in the Permanent Collection Galleries and Glenview.

The Gilded Age Upon the Hudson (Pre-K–Grade 12, adult)
Travel back in time to 1877 and discover Glenview’s restored rooms, paintings, and furnishings.

Shapes & Patterns (Pre-K–Grade 3)
Explore the motifs and patterns of Glenview’s architecture and interior design.

Portraiture: People and Places in Time (Pre-K–Grade 12, adult)
In the Permanent Collection Galleries and Glenview, learn about the art of portraiture and discover what it can reveal about the subject and the time in which they lived.

Dreamy Landscapes (Pre-K–Grade 12, adult)
Take a closer look at works by Hudson River School artists and learn about the elements of landscape painting.

Myth Making (Grades 2–12, adult)
Discover the figures depicted in Glenview that tell timeless tales of gods and heroes.

2-Hour Tour & Workshop Combinations

Maya Lin: A River Is a Drawing (Pre-K–Grade 12, adult)
Tour: Maya Lin: A River Is a Drawing (October 12, 2018–January 20, 2019)
Workshop: Explore the aesthetic ideas, Hudson River geography, and environmental concerns of artist Maya Lin through a hands-on workshop, creating with the same unorthodox materials that form her installations.

The Color of the Moon (Pre-K–Grade 12, adult)
Tour: The Color of the Moon: Lunar Painting in American Art (February 8–May 12, 2019)
Workshop: Delve into the mystery and enchantment of the moon through the art and stories it inspires. Imagine and paint your own lunar scene. Create and write your own myth explaining the phases of the moon.

Portraiture (Pre-K–Grade 12, adult)
Tour: Portraiture: People and Places in Time
Workshop: Sketch a self-portrait using fine art materials.

Landscapes (Pre-K–Grade 12, adult)
Tour: Dreamy Landscapes
Workshop: Design your own landscape using watercolor paint.

Shapes & Patterns (Pre-K–Grade 3)
Tour: Shapes and Patterns
Workshop: Create your own patterns inspired by Glenview’s interior design.

Myth Making (Grades 2–12, adult)
Tour: Myth Making
Workshop: Invent and illustrate your own myth inspired by works in the Museum’s collection and your imagination.

The Gilded Age (Grades 4–12, adult)
Tour: The Gilded Age Upon the Hudson
Workshop: Create an artifact drawn from the leisure activities of Victorian youth.

Environmental Science

1-Hour Tours

Hudson Riverama (Pre-K–Grade 12, adult)
Enjoy an overview of the Upper, Middle, and Lower Hudson Valley in the Hudson Riverama environmental gallery.

Naturalist’s Journey (Pre-K–Grade 5)
Discover the habitats of animals native to the Hudson Valley.

River Mapping (Grades 1–12, adult)
Take a closer look at the geographic and geologic features of the Upper, Middle, and Lower Hudson Valley, and locate your home on Riverama’s 31-foot model of the river and its banks.

2-Hour Tour & Workshop Combinations

Naturalist’s Journey 1 (K–Grade 3)
Tour: Hudson Riverama
Workshop: Create a field journal and sketch observations.

Naturalist’s Jourey 2 (Grades 3–12, adult)
Tour: Hudson Riverama and Permanent Collection Galleries
Workshop: Learn about animal habitats, examine landscapes painted by artists, create a field journal, and sketch observations.

River Mapping (Grade 4–12, adult)
Tour: Hudson Riverama and Permanent Collection Galleries
Workshop: Observe different methods of mapping the landscape in paintings and create maps of the Hudson River with a legend.

Camp Visits

From July 2 through August 16, 2019, the Museum welcomes camp groups Tuesday–Friday from 9:30am–5pm. Enjoy our exciting selection of planetarium shows, hands-on workshops, and guided tours, tailored for all ages, interests, and learning styles.

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1-Hour Planetarium Shows for Camps

See descriptions of all planetarium shows above. Please note, Tycho to the Moon, Regents Earth Science, and The Victorian’s Guide to the Galaxy are not available for camp groups. Contact Araya Henry for more information.

1-Hour Hands-on Workshops

  • Daily Planet (ages 4–9): Make a 3D soft sculpture of a planet. Recreate a planet with collage materials.
  • Starry Night (ages 3+): Dream up your own constellation, name it, and recreate it with collage and mixed media.
  • Stomp ‘em Rockets (ages 3+): Learn the mechanics of launching a rocket in space. Build your own and launch it outdoors.

1-Hour Guided Tour