Masha Turchinsky

Amanda Sheff
Executive Assistant for Administration and Membership Associate
(914) 963-4550 x236

Finance and Human Resources

Marion Freedman
Assistant Director, Finance and Human Resources
(914) 963-4550 x246

Cathy Dattilo
Part-time Bookkeeper/Finance Assistant

Advancement & Communications

Samantha Hoover
Deputy Director for Advancement, Communication, and Administration
(914) 963-4550 x216

Camille Knop
Design and Content Manager
(914) 963-4550 x283

Jen McCaffery
Marketing and Communications Manager
(914)963-4550 x240


Laura Vookles
Chair, Curatorial Department
(914) 963-4550 x220

Alyssa Dreliszak
(914) 963-4550 x229

Victoria McKenna-Ratjen
Curatorial Assistant
(914) 963-4550 x232

Jason Weller
Senior Art Technician
(914) 963-4550 x256


Saralinda B. Lichtblau
Assistant Director, Education
(914) 963-4550 x241

Bridget McCormick
Manager, School Programs
(914) 963-4550 x247

Marc Taylor
Manager, Planetarium and Science Programs
(914) 963-4550 x223


Todd Jones
Assistant Director, Facilities and Operations
(914) 963-4550 x227

Latonia Blythe
Operations Coordinator
(914) 963-4550 x210

Dennis Fields
Security Deputy
(914) 963-4550 x242

Justin Freeman
Manager, Visitor Services and Retail
(914) 963-4550 x251

Megan Haugh
Manager, Programs and Operations
(914) 963-4550 x213