Residency Program

The HRM Teaching Artists-in-Residence and Teaching Scientists-in-Residence are outside professionals who work with the Museum to create programs that enhance the historic, artistic, or literary themes of the current exhibitions or the Museum’s permanent collections. They also mentor and train Junior Docents who facilitate weekly Family Studio workshops.


Photo: Yuliya Levit

Current Resident

Seongmin Ahn

Teaching Artist-in-Residence, Spring 2019

During her residency, Seongmin Ahn will connect Asian aesthetic traditions with contemporary expression through the universally shared experience of the moon. Ahn aspires to expand visitors’ experiences by introducing them to potentially unfamiliar materials, techniques, and ways of looking.

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Past Residents


Jim Keyes, Fall 2018
Melanie Aguirre, Summer 2018
Ebony Bolt, Spring 2018
Andrea Packard, Fall 2017
Shelley Haven, Summer 2017


Irene Pease, Spring 2018
Allegra LeGrande, Ph.D., Fall 2017
Alexandra Bausch, Fall 2016
John Waldman, Ph.D., Spring 2016
Alan Bigelow, Ph.D., Fall 2015