Teaching Artist-in-Residence, Spring & Summer 2024

During their residency, the dancers, choreographers, and musical composers of MorDance will design and conduct public programs and performances inspired by the exhibition Rivers Flow / Artists Connect.

Founded in 2014, MorDance is a trailblazing, women-led dance company and nonprofit that has consistently challenged ballet’s traditional structures to embody a more inclusive and diverse vision of the artform. It is now entering an exciting new chapter. After ten years delivering groundbreaking ballet to audiences across New York City, the company recently moved into its own space in Yonkers while maintaining its NYC programming.

MorDance’s mission is rooted in fostering a more dynamic and inclusive future for the performing arts by enhancing accessibility and creating empowered environments for creative expression. The company is renowned for pushing artistic boundaries and fostering impactful social change, and its relocation to Yonkers and residency at the HRM mark a pivotal moment in the City’s history, opening doors to expanded opportunities, heightened community engagement, and the realization of our shared vision.

As Teaching Artists-in-Residence, the dancers, choreographers, and musical composers of MorDance will work directly with our visitors in numerous ways. They will lead participatory intergenerational talks, workshops, and behind-the-scenes open rehearsals. They will also conduct works-in-progress sessions culminating in a new performance in our amphitheater, aiming to exceed the expectations of ballet lovers and inspire the next generation of performing artists.

Support provided by Art Bridges.


Public Workshops and Performances

Breaking the Glass Ceiling in the Performing Arts
Saturday, March 30, 2pm
Listen to a panel discussion on the topics of breaking barriers and advancing gender equality within the performing arts, featuring choreographer Morgan McEwen, dancer Claire van Bever, and composer Polina Nazaykinskaya. They will discuss their experiences, challenges, and triumphs in breaking the glass ceiling, shedding light on the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the industry. This panel is organized by Teaching Artists-in-Residence MorDance in celebration of Women’s History Month.

Open Rehearsal: Behind the Scenes of Ballet
Sunday, May 19, 3pm
Experience MorDance behind the scenes with an open rehearsal led by Morgan McEwen and four dancers. Set in a collaborative atmosphere, the rehearsal will provide a unique glimpse into the creative process of choreographing and rehearsing a ballet. Morgan, along with the dancers, will discuss and demonstrate the intricate steps and movements, providing insights into the artistic decisions and collaborative efforts involved.

Workshopping Rivers Flow–Inspired Ballet
Wednesday, July 17, 12–2:30pm
Thursday, July 18, 12–2:30pm
Friday, July 19, 12–2:30pm
Over the course of three days, MorDance will invite visitors into the process of creating and rehearsing their Works in Progress: Rivers Flow–Inspired Ballet, offering a unique perspective on the preparation of an original work of choreography, and enabling them to experience the roles of key collaborators in the process. The final piece will be performed in the Amphitheater the following weekend.

Riverbound: Rivers Flow–Inspired Ballet
Saturday, July 20, 8pm
MorDance presents a captivating selection of its new work inspired by Rivers Flow / Artists Connect. This event, staged in the HRM outdoor Amphitheater, showcases the creative process behind the choreography and music. Following the presentation, the company will take part in Q&A session, allowing the audience to gain insights into their process and the intersection of ballet and visual art.


Family Workshops

Collaborative Mural
Saturdays & Sundays, March 2–17, 12–4pm
Use the fluidity of dance movements that mimic the flow of a river to paint and decorate a collaborative mural. Once complete, the mural will be displayed in the Greene Education Center. Designed by Teaching Artists-in-Residence MorDance. Recommended for ages 4+.

Fluid Sculptures
Saturdays & Sundays in April & June, 12–4pm
PLUS Friday, November 24, 1–4pm
Capture the dynamic movements of dancers in ballet-inspired sculptures using materials such as wire and clay. Designed by Teaching Artists-in-Residence MorDance. Recommended for ages 4+.

Flowing Mobiles
Saturdays & Sundays in May (except May 25) & July, 12–4pm
Much like a river, ballet dancers’ movements have a sense of seamless flow. Create your own flowing mobiles inspired by the fluidity of ballet and rivers using fabric scraps, strings, beads, pipe cleaners, wire, and other craft supplies. Designed by Teaching Artists-in-Residence MorDance. Recommended for ages 5+.