Panorama of the Hudson River from New York to Waterford

Wade & Croome
MediumCloth binding, printed paper
DimensionsOpen and unfolded: 6 1/4 × 163 1/4 inchesClosed: 6 1/4 × 4 5/8 × 3/4 inches
CreditGift of Mr. Michael Papantonio, 1969
Accession Number69.18

Small panoramas were portable and could be enjoyed in the home or carried on an actual journey. This tourist guide portrays the riverfront in a continuous stretch from its mouth in New York City north to the town of Waterford, with notes about selected landmarks along the journey.

The engraving is a topographical hybrid of aerial and eye-level views—more map than panorama. Wade, listed as surveyor, drew each shore as if viewed from the water, so only one bank at a time is right side up.

The panorama was sold near steamboat offices for $2.00, with a black and white version only $1.50. Passengers could use it to identify the passing scenery. This activity parallels visitors’ experiences in panorama exhibitions, which often featured printed guides or live lectures.