Richard Mayhew (American, b. 1924)
MediumOil on canvas
Dimensions42 × 46 inches
CreditGift of Dr. Thomas A. Mathews, 1987
Accession Number87.16.1

Drawing from nineteenth-century landscape traditions and Abstract Expressionism in equal parts, Richard Mayhew’s subjective paintings seduce the viewer through broad brushwork and intuitive tonal color choices.

Raised in Amityville on Long Island, Mayhew describes his closeness to nature as deriving in part from the spiritualist traditions of his own African American and Native American heritage. His works are the direct result of this connection to the land. Painted in the studio but inspired by his walks outdoors, Mayhew’s work transmits his own immediate experience of the environment directly to the viewer. When asked why his paintings lacked figures, Mayhew asserted, “You’re the figure.”


Express your creativity with a hands-on Museum from Home art activity using materials found in your home. Make a landscape version of yourself inspired by Richard Mayhew’s Friday.
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