Reflections on a Museum Milestone: A Conversation with Architect Richard Kaeyer


Wednesday, May 8

6:30–8:30pm Where


Admission RSVP Required

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Museum’s 1969 Brutalist building, architect Richard Kaeyer, of the firm Sherwood, Mills & Smith at the time, engages in conversation with Joseph C. Forte, the Esther Raushenbush Chair of Art History at Sarah Lawrence College, about his design for the building, revolutionary at the time, and whose style is currently experiencing a resurgence worldwide. Following the interview, explore the Museum’s award-winning 1969 wing and enjoy a reception with the speakers.

Don’t miss Adapt, React, Interact: 50 Years of Architecture at the HRM, an exhibition that highlights the surface, structure, and spaces of the 1969 wing, demonstrating how the building has engaged our visitors, hosted exhibitions, and framed the spectacular landscape of the Hudson River Valley and Yonkers from its perch in Trevor Park.

This program is sponsored by KG+D Architects, PC.