Virtual Monoprint Workshop with Julia Santos Solomon


Saturday, May 22

3:30–5pm Where


Admission Registration required

Experiment with unorthodox materials to create two landscapes rendered in black over colorful abstract backgrounds with Teaching Artist-in-Residence Julia Santos Solomon. Play with different effects using food coloring on a dryer sheet. Then print a monotype or “ghost” image on another sheet, and draw on top of both backgrounds. Be amazed and delighted at the images that emerge, with coloring both vivid and subdued! You can find most of the required materials in your kitchen or laundry room: dryer sheets; food coloring; a tray to hold the sheets (baking sheet, styrofoam, or aluminum); tongs or tweezers; untextured watercolor or printing paper; charcoal, charcoal pencil, or black paint; brayer, big metal spoon, or flat-bottomed glass; heavy-gauge paper (for backing); glue (Elmer’s is fine).


Support provided by Art Bridges.