Another Look at Derrick Adams: Buoyant


Wednesday, August 19

1:30pm Where

Zoom and FB Live

Admission Registration required

Join Laura Vookles, co-curator of Derrick Adams: Buoyant, and graphic designer and HRM Docent David Lucas for a conversation about Adams’ Floaters series, before the exhibition closes on August 23. They will focus on how the artist uses color, composition, and design to convey his joyous and empowering message, and offer a rich visual and verbal counterpoint as they discuss the exhibition from the conceptual and visual perspectives.

Lucas was an Art Director in the Private Brand division of Macy’s, designing packaging, visual merchandising, and signage for the store. He taught graphic design at the college level and served as the official graphic designer for Playland Amusement Park in Rye, NY. He was also the exhibition designer for Through Our Eyes: Milestones and Memories of African Americans in Yonkers, which was on view at the HRM in 2019.