Art Project at the HRM: Festive Functions


Saturday, October 17

2–4pm Where

Greene Education Center


Families are invited to participate in person at the Museum in a celebration of Derrick Adams’ installation We Came to Party and Plan before it closes to the public! Reflect on and share the role of socializing in your own life, get to know some of the partygoers, check out the decor, and design your own party hat. Watch the video below for inspiration!

Festive Functions will take place in the Greene Education Center on a limited, timed basis. Reserve your spot and sign up at the Museum’s front desk for this 30-minute workshop, offered at 2, 2:30, 3, and 3:30pm. Up to four families at a time, masked and socially distanced. First come, first served.


Sponsored in part by American Sugar.