Bound: Exploring Creation Through Juxtaposition


Saturday, July 22, 2023

1:30–3:30pm Where

Galleries, Greene Education Center



Admission Registration recommended

Photographer and filmmaker Brandon Alexander, whose work is on view in Order / Reorder, leads an exhibition tour and workshop inspired by VAS, his collection of deep landscapes, still lifes, and street photographs of vacancy and isolation from his travels across the US during the pandemic. Dive into Alexander’s VAS and curate your own sequence selected from roughly 100 of his images. Then share your order and hand-bind them into a personalized book, signed by the artist.

Chicago-based photographer and filmmaker Brandon Alexander captures the surrealism of everyday life in images where the material and the symbolic intersect. In his suggestive metal print Head, Alexander unexpectedly reverses the traditional spatial relationship between the focus of the still life and its context, placing a Greco-Roman bust in the background while the empty space surrounding it is in the foreground. The sculpture thereby appears as both a distant memory and an object of desire.

Recommended for adults, 18+.


Support provided by Art Bridges.