Curator Tour from Home: Mourning in Glenview


Sunday, October 25

1:30pm Where

Zoom and FB Live

Admission Registration required

Even those who have visited Glenview many times may not be aware of the selection of mourning items on view, including: jewelry made of jet stone, accessories accented with human hair, photographs of beloved family members after they died, and other trinkets of mourning. Items such as these were hugely popular in the Victorian era (1837–1901), when infant mortality was high and doctors were unable to prevent the spread of disease. The act of mourning was a frequent and public affair—one that also took place in Glenview.

Join Laura Vookles, Chair of the Curatorial Department, and Victoria McKenna-Ratjen, Curatorial Assistant, in unlocking the haunting stories of death and its aftermath hidden within these exquisite nineteenth-century artifacts.