Off the Wall: Spoken Word Poetry


Sunday, April 14

1:30pm Where



Marcus John, poet, writer, and Yonkers native, performs probing poems inspired by Kerry James Marshall’s Lost Boys: AKA BB, on loan from Art Bridges. Delve into the world of adolescents denied the opportunity to grow up, lost in a system of institutional racism, their lives cut short by violence. John will guide the audience to harness their response to the painting and create their own spoken word pieces.

Marcus John is an American born poet, singer, and songwriter of Grenadian descent. In 2009, he started an open mic in Yonkers, which evolved into Soulbox Entertainment, an organization of educators, musicians, film/vocal producers, caterers and event planners dedicated to outsourcing artists, teaching writing workshops, and servicing businesses in network expansion.

Support provided by Art Bridges.