Photography Workshop Series: The Body as a Vessel (Day 2 of 3)


Saturday, June 11, 2022

1–3pm Where

Greene Education Center



Admission Registration encouraged

The Body as a Vessel is a series of workshops led by contemporary photographer Lizzy Alejandro and inspired by the current HRM exhibition Collection Spotlight: Women Photographers. Learn about the basics of photography and lighting, and explore collage techniques such ripping, cutting, and layering images to create artwork that conveys your personal narrative. Photograph yourself from a variety of perspectives, thinking of your body as a repository that can store a myriad of emotions and experiences. Then print your images, and use them to collage your artwork, which will be considered for inclusion in an installation in the HRM Joyce Greene Education Center.

Recommended for ages 10+. Capacity is limited. Advance registration is strongly encouraged, and we recommend signing up for the entire series.


Day 1: Sunday, June 5 — Introduction
Lizzy Alejandro will introduce the concept of the body as a vessel for emotions and experiences, with examples, followed by a discussion. She will demonstrate exercises that participants can then implement as practice so they take away a few experimental pieces to use as a reference for final works. In a short writing component, they will be prompted to think of the ways in which their bodies contain their life experiences.

Day 2: Saturday, June 11 — Photographing & Printing
Alejandro will introduce the basics of photography and demonstrate various types of lighting—side, Rembrandt, butterfly, hard, soft, etc.—along with the fundamentals of posing and composition. Then, take photographs with your smartphone, or a Museum-provided digital or polaroid camera, and print your photographs at the Museum to begin creating your collages.

Day 3: Sunday, June 12 — Creating Final Works & Critique
Create your photo collages for a culminating exhibition. If time permits, you’ll be asked to share your work and participate in a critique to build your presentation skills.


Photo: Courtesy of Lizzy Alejandro.


Supported by funds from the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) through the American Recovery Plan Act.