Sketchbook Traveler: A LIVE Workshop with James McElhinney


Thursday, May 28

5pm Where



What had once been a medium for mapmakers and naturalists has in the digital age become the most portable one for both artists and enthusiasts. Plein-air watercolor journaling transforms the sketchbook into something nimbler than canvas. Anyone can enhance how they experience the world around them by accessing memories, knowledge and ideas, from deeper engagements with nature through drawing and writing in journals.

In this workshop, engage in mindful travel through drawing and writing with artist James McElhinney. He will introduce you to the practice of expeditionary artists that is adaptable to all kinds of travel—real, virtual, remembered, or imaginary—in the great outdoors or in the confines of your home, your neighborhood, or your own backyard.


  • Paper or journal/notebook
  • Pencil
  • Watercolor paints & brushes (if available)

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