The Landscape of Migration: A Critical Conversation (Virtual)


Wednesday, December 8

7pm Where


Admission Registration required

Cynthia Daignault’s Light Atlas is a series of 360 paintings memorializing the artist’s trip across the United States, featured in the Landscape Art & Virtual Travel. It serves as an expansive conceptual backdrop for a discussion between two esteemed historians on the Great Migration and the landscapes— welcoming or hostile—through which countless African Americans traveled in search of economic opportunity, safety, and civil rights in the period between the two World Wars.

Gretchen Sorin, Ph.D., Director and Distinguished Service Professor, Cooperstown Graduate Program, author of Driving While Black: African American Travel and the Road to Civil Rights, and director, with Ric Burns, of the PBS film Driving While Black: Race, Space and Mobility in America, and Spencer Crew, Ph.D., Robinson Professor of History at George Mason University, former director of the National Museum of American History, and author of Field to Factory: Afro-American Migration 1915–1940, consider the complex relationships of individuals and families to the landscapes in which we settle as natives, migrants, or refugees.


Support provided by Art Bridges.