Virtual Author Talk: Thomas Knauer on Why We Quilt


Wednesday, August 25

7pm Where


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In Why We Quilt, prize-winning quilter, teacher, and lecturer in literature and creative writing at Hamilton College, Thomas Knauer, showcases a stunning collection of quilts from a wide range of contemporary makers, accompanied by their testimonials about what inspires and imbues their craft with meaning. He blends North American quilting history with insights into how (mostly) women throughout the centuries have used quilts to make political, personal, and creative statements.

By examining the origins of temperance, abolitionist, and suffrage quilts in the nineteenth century to the Bicentennial and AIDS quilts in the late twentieth century, Knauer reveals a rich history of individuals and communities that have been using fabric and thread to connect with others and express themselves, delving into the meaning of today’s vibrant quilting scene.


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