Virtual Planetarium Show for Kids: Jupiter & Saturn (Part 2)


Saturday, December 19

11:30am Where

Zoom and FB Live

Admission Registration required

In a few weeks, Jupiter and Saturn will appear right next to each other in the sky—close enough that they may look like a bright double star—or even a single bright star—to your eye. This alignment happens every twenty years or so, but what is especially exciting is that this time it will be the closest the two planets have been since the 1600s.

Are the two planets really about to collide? Don’t worry, they actually aren’t close to each other at all! We’ll cover the details as we wrap up our coverage of this event.

Just like programs in the Planetarium, we’ll be able to take questions—this time through chat and comments. Recommended for ages 6–10. Please register only once per household.


Sponsored by Henry E. Niles Foundation.