Virtual Teen Talk: The Battle Between Colorism and Equity


Friday, August 28

2pm Where

Zoom and FB Live

Admission Registration required

We invite you to join this virtual Teen Talk, created by teens, for teens, and led by HRM Junior Docents. It will be an informative and interactive discussion about the daily manifestations of colorism, encouraging participants to consider the role they can play in winning the battle against this insidious form of discrimination and moving society closer to achieving equity for all. Add your voice to this important conversation!

The term “colorism” refers to the way societies worldwide discriminate based on skin tone, applying a nuanced scale from light to dark. In certain cultures, darker skin is associated with the lower classes, and victims of this caste system are considered socially unattractive. Unrealistic standards of beauty in the mass media promote ideals of women and men that don’t exist. Throughout history, this phenomenon has pressured many people to follow inauthentic, often damaging, beauty trends, and expectations.

Recommended for teens ages 13+.


The teens leading this program are enrolled in the Summer Youth Employment Program.