Westchester Quilt Day: Treasures From the Past and Present


Sunday, August 8

1–4pm Where

Lobby, Galleries


Westchester County’s eighteenth- and nineteenth-century women stitched scraps of fabric into quilts marking a rite of passage, such as celebrating a marriage or saying “remember us” to a departing pastor. Today, innovative fabric and multimedia artists continue to transform materials into glorious expressions of their personal stories and heritage, as well as activism.

During this special event, made possible through a partnership between the HRM and the Westchester County Historical Society, visitors will have the opportunity to hear from curators from local historical societies about some of their prized early quilts and the stories they tell about their communities. Contemporary quilters will also be on hand to display their works, both traditional and experimental, some of which relate to the current African-American experience, and how the artistic repurposing of materials can have an impact on the environment.

This program is in conjunction with Wall Power!, which is sponsored by The Coby Foundation, Ltd.

The program was developed in collaboration with Barbara Davis, Co-Director of the Westchester County Historical Society.