Collection Spotlight: Late Twentieth-Century Art

June 17–October 9, 2022

The Thomas Voter Gallery features The Bookstore, a permanent installation by Pop artist Red Grooms, as well as a rotating selection of figural and abstract prints from the late 1960s to the 1980s by contemporaries of Grooms.

During this period, many artists worked with master printmakers to create editioned prints based on, or inspired by, their works in other mediums. Print shops such as Styria Studio and Hollander’s Workshop, as well as publishers like Eleanor Ettinger, produced series of silkscreens, lithographs, and woodblock prints—all requiring highly specialized skills—that enabled artists to reach a broader audience and clientele who may have never been able to afford original artworks before.

Learn more about The Bookstore by Red Grooms here.


Featured Artists

Judy Chicago • Chryssa • Red Grooms • Barbara Kohl • Robert Motherwell • Alice Neel • Robert Rauschenberg • William Scharf • Ursula Seus • Andy Warhol • Jack Youngerman


Exhibitions are made possible by assistance provided by the County of Westchester.

Barbara Kohl (American). Hallelujah, 1980. Silkscreen on paper (edition 10/100). Gift of Mr. Andrew Lanyi, 1981 (81.11.10d). © Barbara Kohl.