Collection Spotlight: The Art of Skywatching

March 4, 2022–ongoing

What do skywatchers, professional and amateur, notice when they look at the sky as depicted in works of art?

Marc Taylor, Manager of Planetarium and Science Programs at the Hudson River Museum, draws our attention to works of art from the permanent collection, ranging from the 1860s to the present day, and sheds light on both the phenomena depicted and the science behind them. The installation also features special loans, including Arthur Dove’s Sunset (1935), Alvin C. Hollingsworth’s Sun and Moon Opus (ca. 1968–1973), and Jane Wilson’s Wind Over Water (1997). Whether it be the sky’s changing colors or the illuminating properties of moonlight, contemplate the physical mechanisms behind these natural occurrences, and perhaps you will recognize the visual clues the next time they appear before you in art—or in real life!


The loans featured in this exhibition are made possible by Art Bridges, Theodore Kaplan and Henry Tobin, and Jeanette LaRoche.

Exhibitions are made possible by assistance provided by the County of Westchester.


Featured Artists

Derrick Adams • Katherine Bradford • Albert Bierstadt • Howard Russell Butler* • Arthur Dove • Frank Russell Green* • Richard Haas* • James Hendricks* • Alvin C. Hollingsworth* • Frances Hynes • Amy (Frisbie Blair) Jones • Louis Aston Knight*  • Elihu Vedder • Jane Wilson* • Robert Zakanitch

*Currently on view.

Frank Russell Green (American, 1856–1940). The Coming of Night, ca. 1904–8. Oil on canvas. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Manney, 1972 (72.43.2).