Collection Spotlight: Figural Works

October 7, 2017–July 9, 2018

This installation features works in a variety of media from painted portraits and figure drawings to small versions of World War I monuments.

Many artworks in the Museum’s collection illuminate the period and lifestyles represented in Glenview, including a portrait by John White Alexander and a marble statue by Hiram Powers, two of the Museum’s most important and studied artworks. Several other portraits offer evidence of people’s lives in Yonkers, past and present. Rudolf Eickemeyer’s photograph of his father is a tribute to one of the city’s greatest inventors. Twentieth-century pastels, sculptures, and photographs document three collaborative projects the Museum undertook to portray local residents, including documentary photographs by James E. Hinton, portraits of women in the armed forces, and plaster portraits by Rigoberto Torres and Yonkers public high school students.

Rigoberto Torres. Keon and Jeanine, 1995. Painted plaster. Museum Commission, 1995 (1995-Torres-2).