Nybelwyck Hall Dollhouse

Created by dollhouse enthusiast Mark O’Banks (1956–2002) and gifted to the Hudson River Museum in 2006, Nybelwyck Hall is unique for both design and the level of detail it gives of a dollhouse family—the Van Nybelwycks.

Guided tours of Glenview, including Nybelwyck Hall, are offered Wednesday through Sunday at 1 & 3pm (free with Museum admission). Glenview is open to the public on Saturdays & Sundays from 12–5pm.


Photo: Yuliya Levit

Nybelwyck Hall  is a veritable Lilliputian house for all ages, with 24 rooms that bear colorful names like the Egyptio-Tudor Room, the Gothic Library, and the Cathedral of the Lost Souls. A stage set for the 20 Van Nybelwyck family members and friends who live within, the house boasts four stories and stands 8 feet wide, 3.5 feet high, and 2 feet deep. Over 900 interior objects were built and bought by O’Banks, who painstakingly crafted staircases, cross-stitched carpets, and papered walls. Basing the exterior on very real historic Hudson Valley homes, notably the Ogden Mills House in Staatsburg and Wilderstein in Rhinebeck, O’Banks also roofed it with 1,500 slate tiles and created a center double staircase that curves from the top floor, similar to Glenview’s.