This past June, Esther graduated from Yonkers High School and completed her fourth year in the Junior Docent Program. “I chose to be a Junior Docent because I wanted to be able to give back to my community in a unique and exciting way. I was able to not only help kids, but people of all ages. I knew I was making an impact, which enriched my experience as a JD all the more. I came into the program shy and insecure, and four years later I am outspoken and confident. This program gave me more than I could have ever asked for, and for that I’ll always be grateful.”

Esther spent the summer of 2017 working at the Hudson River Museum as the Summer Camp Manager. She helped organize schedules for visiting campers and lead many programs. This fall, she heads to Stony Brook University to study Biology with the hopes of pursuing a career in medicine.


Elijah’s three years in the Junior Docent Program is just one of his impressive accomplishments. This year, he received the Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Youth Award from the African American Men of Westchester, honoring his social justice work with Youth Giving Back, a teen-run club he founded that promotes community involvement. Elijah also had the opportunity to travel to Spain this past summer on a full Global Navigator scholarship from the Council on International Educational Exchange.

Elijah hopes to study political science in the future and get involved in local government. As he heads into his senior year at Riverside High, Elijah feels equipped to handle the process of applying to college. “This program has definitely prepared me for college. We went on tours to Ivy League schools and schools I thought I had no chance of getting into. Actually visiting the schools gave me the confidence to try and apply to them. I learned valuable skills including interview preparation, how to address a potential employer, and what questions to ask in an interview.”


Culture has always been important to Amanda, a junior at Yonkers High School. “My family is from India, so culture has made an impact on the way I live and the choices I make.”

Understanding and celebrating her own culture helped inspire her to learn about other cultures right here at the Museum. “I enjoy learning about the past and understanding how history has shaped us. Glenview is very interesting to me because we get to see how the people in the Victorian era lived and what difficulties they may have faced.”


After two years in the Junior Docent Program, Andrew reflects on why he became a JD. “I wanted to help and feel more connected with the people around me. I hoped that the Junior Docent Program would open me up to new opportunities and experiences.”

As he enters his junior year at Yonkers Montessori High School, Andrew is grateful for what the program has done for him. He wants to pursue a career in computer and information technology, and is confident he is building the skills he will need to be successful. “The program has helped me improve on my strengths, but one of my greatest weaknesses is dealing with anxiety. The program helped me open up to more people around me and has given me an experience with public speaking and leadership."


Rahaf, a junior at Yonkers High School, is grateful that the program has allowed her to network with other students throughout Yonkers. “Being a part of the Junior Docent Program allowed me to meet individuals from different schools in Yonkers that otherwise I would not have met. This program helped me to be a part of a community outside of my school and get to know others with various interests.” Rahaf aspires to pursue a career in architecture and engineering.


Bhavya grew up in India, but moved to the United States in 2016 and started as a Junior Docent the same year. “When I first came to the Museum, I felt lonely. But as time passed by I made a lot of good friends. The Junior Docent Program gives you a lot of new experiences as well as friends. You not only gain confidence and public speaking skills, but also a lot of memorable experiences.” Bhavya looks forward to her junior year at Roosevelt High School, and hopes to pursue a career in medicine in the future. “I feel proud about how this program helped develop my strengths and let me know what my weaknesses are.”