UNIT II   Lesson Plan 2: Build a Stage Set

To be taught in the classroom or on a Field Trip at the Museum.

Museum Visit: An Exhibition Tour and Workshop

   1. Understand important Civil War events
   2. Examine a Civil War photograph and Red Grooms’ exhibitions in order to create a Civil War stage set

Questions for Discussion

  1. What do you know about the Civil War?
  2. What important events took place during the Civil War?
  3. Who were important people in the Civil War and what did they do?
  4. What problems addressed during the Civil War do we still confront today?

WORKSHOP: Create a Civil War Scene, Build a Stage Set
Students discuss what they saw on their tour of the Red Grooms exhibitions and what they remember from the Lesson 1 about using text to create a set design. In this lesson students will use images.

Students select two Civil War photographs on which to base a stage-set design. Students write a short story using two images and create a third image to complete the story, answering the questions below. Students can deconstruct the images for ideas on costumes, settings, and characters to create a 3-dimensional stage set.

Questions for Viewing Civil War Photographs and Illustrations

  1. What do you see in these images?
  2. Who are the characters? What is the setting?
  3. How do these images relate to each other? What story do they tell?
  4. Create a image that shows an event in your story.  What does the image look like? Would the event in the image occur before events in the two other images you selected? After? Or in between?


• Worksheet: Plan a Civil War Scene for Your Stage Set
Civil War Images for Grades 7-8
Red Grooms: The Blue and The Gray paintings

1 piece of white cardstock per student
1 piece of cardboard stage base per student
Extra cardstock and cardboard
Collage paper, Wood-grain paper
Model magic
Pencils, Colored Pencils, Markers, Glue