A Letter to Future Junior Docents

Dear potential Junior Docent,

You’ve just begun a new chapter in your life. As a new high school student, you’re eager to learn and grow. As I can attest, though, we sometimes struggle to reach out for the opportunities we see. We become afraid of embarrassment, mistakes, and failure.

But what I’ve learned from participating in the Hudson River Museum’s Junior Docent Program is that what conquers all is effort and the willingness to learn. The Program helps you gain more confidence and makes you feel like part of a community, or better yet, a family.

When you join the Junior Docents, you’ll soon realize how many trips and outreach events you get the chance to attend, from concerts to college trips. Do it all. Take advantage now to avoid looking back and wishing you did. Become a part of the Advisory Board to not only gain a new leadership position, but to become part of the brains behind helping make the Teen- and Junior Docent- specific events come to life at the Museum.

The Junior Docent Program is a commitment which should be taken seriously. I encourage you to crave learning and seek progress. And take advantage of the opportunity to give back by reading books to children, giving tours to adults, and exploring the history of your city.

You won’t want to miss out on an experience that has helped many of us step out of our comfort zones and create our next chapter.

Kathleen Leite
Junior Docent Program Alumna, Class of 2019
University at Buffalo, Class of 2023


The Junior Docent Program application deadline has been extended to Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 5pm. Apply here