Outstanding Collections, Superb Community

Dear Friends of the HRM,

If you think the fall season is already exciting at HRM—and it is!— then get ready for the energy to go up another level. This weekend we are thrilled to open two important new exhibitions that connect the local to the global in art, music, and culture: Kindred Worlds: The Priscila & Alvin Hudgins Collection and Hip Hop Heroes.

A Private Collection Shared with the Public
Drawn from the personal collection of Priscila and Alvin Hudgins III, Kindred Worlds opens a portal into a universe meticulously crafted by their unwavering passion for the arts. These artworks, a pulsing heartbeat of the Hudgins family home in Yonkers, transcend the canvas and resonate with shared moments of celebrations, daily life, aspirations, and self-care. Presented as a collection to the public for the first time, this gathering of artists is testament to the Hudgins family’s legacy of Black American connoisseurship and collectorship, supporting artists throughout their careers, and broadening our collective vision of American art.

The exhibition also celebrates the profound connections between collectors and artists. Priscila and Alvin, wonderful friends to the HRM, have forged relationships with many featured artists, whose works bear witness to the intertwining threads of kinship and creativity. Artists such as Derrick Adams, Jordan Casteel, Bony Ramirez, Laurena Finéus, David Hammons, and Naudline Pierre navigate themes of radical joy, tenderness, femininity, and migration, offering viewers a glimpse into the rich complexities of personal histories. Priscila and Alvin refer to the works in their collection as examples of “BEING, existing, being seen in the entirety of our humanity—that includes the ecstasy of being alive.” Taken together, the exhibition is an unforgettable exploration of art, relationships, and cultural narratives. “Our ultimate goal is for future generations to have the ability to enjoy these works,” Priscila Hudgins writes. “We also hope to inspire people that look like us to realize that they can too, join us in becoming ‘collectors.'”

Get the Inside Story
Co-curators Alyssa Alexander, Independent Curator and Arts Administrator, and Karintha Lowe, HRM’s Mellon Fellow in the Public Humanities, will be giving a special tour of Kindred Worlds on Saturday, January 6, 1:30pm. They will provide an insider’s look into the Hudgins family and their vital legacy of Black American collectorship, and discuss how themes of myth, memory, and leisure flow through this formally stunning and historically significant artworks.

Hip Hop, You Don’t Stop
Also opening today is Hip Hop Heroes, which commemorates fifty years of Hip Hop in Yonkers and our neighboring communities. This showcase pays tribute to the pioneers and party goers who played an instrumental role in transforming Hip Hop into a global cultural phenomenon. Hip Hop Heroes is a testament to the vibrant musical innovation that has emanated from our very own Yonkers, the Bronx, and Mount Vernon. It is in our very own neighborhoods that artists like The Lox, DMX, and Mary J. Blige honed their craft and contributed to a flourishing Hip Hop scene.

In recognition of the multi-dimensional nature of Hip Hop culture, the exhibition features a diverse array of artworks, from graffiti writers to muralists and comic book artists, their creations illuminate the four primary elements that define Hip Hop: DJing, MCing, breakdancing, and graffiti. The journey begins with an exploration of how the visual arts have woven the narrative of Hip Hop, featuring work by artists like Antoinette Legnini and Andre Trenier. An original mural, hand-painted by local talents Nancy Mendez, Michael Cuomo, and Marco Barrios, further enriches this visual tapestry. These artworks are thoughtfully complemented by cherished memorabilia contributed by community members, including a collection of vinyls, ticket stubs, and flyers. Don’t miss a photo of our very own HRM staff member Dean Clymer attending DMX’s wedding, right alongside Jay-Z!

Artist and co-curator Evan Bishop’s engaging workshop series, “Hip Hop Heroes: Create a Comic Book Cover,” brings forth original works inspired by the intersection of social issues and Hip Hop culture. Situated in the Museum’s Community & Partnership Gallery, Hip Hop Heroes, co-curated by Karintha Lowe, aligns seamlessly with the gallery’s mission to be an inclusive and experimental platform for local, regional, and emerging artists, as well as artists-in-residence and community-based collaborations.

Your presence will undoubtedly enhance the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere these very works celebrate. Join us!

In awe of the excellence we create together,

Masha Turchinsky
Director and CEO


Images: Laurena Finéus (Canadian, b. 1998). Let her flight be joyful, 2023. Oil on canvas. Collection of Priscila and Alvin Hudgins. © Laurena Finéus. / Marco Barrios, Evan Bishop, Michael Cuomo, Nancy Mendez. An Ode to H.I.P.H.O.P. — Her Infinite Power Helps Oppressed People, 2023. Mixed media on wood panels. Courtesy of the artists.