HRM Celebrates Yonkers Arts Weekend with Kite Festival, Victorian Maker Day, and More

YONKERS, NY, May 2, 2018 — The Hudson River Museum joins the Yonkers community in the 5th annual Yonkers Arts Weekend, May 5 and 6, a celebration of art, culture, and music. Museum admission will be free all weekend, sponsored by Cross County Shopping Center. Food trucks will be onsite all day Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, May 5, join our annual Kite Festival with kite flying and kite making for all ages. Participate in kite contests led by Kites in Motion and compete for the Highest Angle Kite (youth & adults), Most Unusual Kite (adults only), and 50 Yard Dash (kids only) throughout the day. Join an outdoor scavenger hunt to win a free prizes and get creative and learn how to create bird kites and make tissue-paper stained glass windows in the shape of kites. In the galleries, nationally-recognized artist Pat Lasch will welcome you to a special tour and conversation around her work in The Neo-Victorians: Contemporary Artists Revive Gilded-Age Glamour. Lasch’s feminist sculptures explore both the celebratory moments and the societal constraints imposed on women.

On Sunday, May 6, is Victorian Maker Day, with hands-on workshops for all ages inspired by The Neo-Victorians and its Steampunk style. Construct Victorian-themed objects from recycled materials with ArchForKids; make a personalized pillow, a thaumatrope optical toy; and tinker with nuts, bolts, and wires to make fantastical machines. Help the Riverside High School’s Robotics Team, just back from participating in the World Championships in Detroit, test their robots on elaborate obstacle courses. Not to be missed is Special Highlights Tour: Scandalous Stories, a special tour by Assistant Curator Ted Barrow at 2pm.

“The Hudson River Museum is thrilled to support the 5th Annual Yonkers Arts Weekend. We invite everyone to take part in the exceptional opportunities for creative expression that this great citywide event offers. Admission fees to the Museum are waived all weekend and we can’t wait to see you here,” said Masha Turchinsky, Director.

Yonkers Arts Weekend will feature hundreds of local, regional and international artists, painters, photographers, musicians, performing artists and sculptors in four of the City’s most exciting cultural hotspots: the Downtown Yonkers Waterfront District, the Carpet Mills Arts District (“CMAD”), South Broadway and the Hudson River Museum.Yonkers Arts Weekend 2018 is produced by the City of Yonkers in partnership with Urban Studio Unbound. #YAW2018 #HRM


Saturday, May 5
Kite Festival – 12–5pm

Kite Contests
50 Yard Dash (Kids only) at 2pm & 3pm
Highest Angle Kite (Youth and adults) 1:30pm & 2:30pm
Most Unusual Kite (Adults) at 4pm

Family Studio Art
Bird Kites
Create colorful bird kites, and fly them in Trevor Park.

Stained Glass Kites
Decorate our Lobby window by creating your own Stained Glass Kite.

Scavenger Hunt
How many times can you find the word Kite in a different language? Take the challenge, in this scavenger hunt throughout Trevor Park to win a Free Museum pass.

Family Studio Science
Create your very own hand-held spectroscope, and learn how it works!

Face painting by Junior Docents

Talk & Tour with Pat Lasch
Featured Neo-Victorian artist Pat Lasch gives insight into her own feminist-infused sculptural work, as well as her perspective on the work of others in the exhibition.

1 & 3pm
Glenview Tours

Planetarium Shows (additional cost)
12:30 – One World, One Sky
2pm – The Sky Tonight
3:30pm – Moons: Worlds of Mystery

Sunday May 6
Victorian Maker Day – 12 – 5pm

Family Studio
Stitching Your Own Story
Create a patterned design on muslin fabric, using your own self-designed stamp, representing something that is important in your life. The fabric can be turned into a small pouch or pillow.

Tinker with nuts, bolts, and wires to create your own one-of- a-kind fantastical design, inspired by Neo-Victorians artist Nick Simpson, whose works depict fantastical mechanical creations with a nineteenth-century aesthetic.

Create your own Victorian optical toy or thaumatrope. Draw a picture on each side of a disk, then attach it to two pieces of string. When the strings are twirled quickly between the fingers, the two pictures appear to blend into one.

Perpetual Calendar
Inspired by the Wondrous Devices exhibition, create your own Victorian-style calendar that you can use year after year.

Help the Riverside High School’s Robotics Team, the Rammerhead Bots, test their robots on elaborate obstacle courses.

Workshop with ArchForKids
Be a Neo-Victorian artist in a fun family workshop with ArchForKids. Take everyday and recycled materials and transform them into something fantastical, strange and beautiful. Use cardboard, buttons, beads, pine cones, steel wool, glittery materials and more to make extraordinarily decorated pieces that meld the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries.

First Sunday Gallery Tour of The Neo-Victorians
Explore The Neo-Victorians: Contemporary Artists Revive Gilded-Age Glamour, a decadent and daring display of contemporary art that employs Victorian aesthetics as a lens to explore modern concerns.

Special Highlights Tour: Scandalous Stories
Join Assistant Curator Ted Barrow for a special highlights tour of the collection, focusing on the scandalous stories of art patrons, models, murders, and graverobbers. Barrow presents new research on some of the objects on view that will shed light on their complicated and often juicy backstories.

1 & 3pm
Glenview Tours

Planetarium Shows (additional cost)
12:30 – One World, One Sky
2pm – The Sky Tonight
3:30pm – Victorian’s Guide to the Galaxy


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