Masha Turchinsky Director
Amanda Sheff Executive Assistant for Administration and Membership Associate 914.963.4550 x236
Samantha Hoover Deputy Director for Advancement, Communication, and Administration 914.963.4550 x216
Marion Freedman Assistant Director, Finance and Human Resources 914.963.4550 x246
Richard Halevy Director of Community Development 914.963.4550 x212

Tara Dawson Development and Communications Associate 914.963.4550 x240
Camille Knop Design and Content Manager 914.963.4550 x283

Laura Vookles Chair, Curatorial Department 914.963.4550 x220
Theodore Ward Barrow Assistant Curator 914.963.4550 x232
Jason Weller Senior Art Technician 914.963.4550 x256
Alyssa Dreliszak Registrar 914.963.4550 x229

Saralinda Lichtblau Assistant Director, Education 914.963.4550 x241
Emily Beck Museum Educator, School Programs 914.963.4550 x245
Araya Henry Museum Educator, Youth Programs 914.963.4550 x219
Bridget McCormick Museum Educator, School Partnership 914.963.4550 x247
Marc Taylor Manager of the Planetarium and Science Programs 914.963.4550 x223

Michael Toomey Assistant Director, Facilities and Operations 914.963.4550 x227
DeShawn South Program Manager 914.963.4550 x251
Dennis Fields Security Deputy 914.963.4550 x242