Chinese Folk Dances and Tai Chi Fan


Saturday, February 17, 2024

1pm Where




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Enjoy a variety of Chinese folk dances and a tai chi demonstration, brought to you by members of the Greenburgh Evergreen Club. Performances include: Embroidery of the Yao People by Yingli Wen and students; Tai Chi Fan by Dr. Jialing Shi and students; Butterfly Lovers, a solo by Yingli Wen; A Small Town Story by Ike Leong and students; and Tibetan Tap Dance by Yingli Wen and students.


Embroidery of the Yao People
Yingli Wen and students perform a dance that celebrates the intelligence, wisdom, and love for life of the Yao People, an ethnic minority in China known, among many things, for their exquisite and unique embroidery.

Tai Chi Fan
Dr. Shi Jia-Ling demonstrates the beauty of tai chi, an ancient Chinese martial art that embraces the mind, body, and spirit, and encourages awareness and mindful meditation.

Butterfly Lovers
Butterfly Lovers, one of the greatest Chinese folktales, tells the beautiful story of Zhu and Liang, filled with love, heartbreak, and a surprising transformation.

A Small Town Story (Umbrella Dance)
A Small Town Story transports us to the beautiful and tranquil environment of a small town by awakening all of our senses.

Tibetan Tap Dance
The distinct rhythm, neat movements, and unrestrained style of Tibetan tap dance is a demonstration of the enthusiasm, liveliness, and cheerfulness of Tibetan people.


This program is part of #HRMLunarNewYear.