From HRM Intern to National News Correspondent

Ned Potter had early career ambitions to write and talk about space, an interest that drew him to the HRM 30 years ago when he worked in the Planetarium. Recently asked about his experience, he states, “I’ll never forget that year—a whole summer spent in the dark mystery beneath the planetarium dome. I was just a high-school kid, but the Planetarium Director was willing to take me on. I helped produce the summer sky show. When it needed a script, I offered to write one—and, to my surprise, they let me try.”

Today, Potter is an Emmy Award-winning correspondent for ABC and CBS News covering science, technology, space, and the environment. He has written articles for Scientific American, Forbes, and New York magazine, and has covered space shuttle missions, robotic exploration of the moon and planets, and early efforts by private enterprise in space.

On Saturday, May 4, at 1:30pm, Potter will return to the Museum to discuss his career and the past, present, and future of entrepreneurial space ventures in Space Business, a special talk with Chad Anderson, CEO of Space Angels, the world’s leading source of capital for entrepreneurial space travel.


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