Inspiration and Hope in the Landscape

Dear Friends of the HRM,

Over the past weeks, I have been able to soak up the Museum and its campus in a different way. In quiet galleries, while doing essential walks through the spaces, I have lingered in front of landscape works, rested in our open courtyard oasis, and marveled at how fortunate we are, even in these challenging times, to be located along such a magnificent river, one that continues to inspire so many artists to capture its beauty. Nature’s power, in spite of humanity’s many attempts to foil it, offers up lessons of resilience.

A Global Nomination for the HRM

In light of the challenges we are enduring as an institution and as a community, it gives me great pride and pleasure to share with you the very good news that the HRM’s exhibition, Maya Lin: A River Is a Drawing (October 2018–January 2019), has been identified as one of the best curated art exhibitions worldwide by the Global Fine Art Awards. The committee reviewed 2,000+projects in 27 countries and six continents in search of excellence and innovation in exhibition design, historical context, and educational value. Today, the HRM is a contender for a Global Planet Award, among 99 finalists. It’s a fitting acknowledgment of Maya Lin’s outstanding work, which advances essential conversations about art and climate change. This recognition also powerfully challenges old assumptions that large institutions hold the monopoly on game-changing ideas. We are proud, especially during these trying times, to demonstrate our ability to punch above our fighting weight on issues that connect our local community to national and global solutions. Stay tuned! Fifteen juried winners will be announced on May 11.

Helping Us Through Uncharted Waters

As we serve our communities and neighbors in myriad ways—sharing thought-provoking art, holding virtual meetings with vulnerable groups, and creating inspiring and informative Museum from Home programs for all ages—we are also adjusting to many new realities and economic challenges. The HRM is facing an unprecedented decline in revenue due to the total loss of admissions, class and group visits, fundraising events, and more. Profound thanks to all who supported the Museum on #GivingTuesdayNow this week. The appeal is not yet closed if you would like to add your contribution. We so appreciate your help in enabling the Museum to stay the course in our mission to engage, inspire, and connect diverse communities through the power of the arts, sciences, and history—now and in the future.

Cultivating Empathy and Knowing Ourselves Better

An essential part of the work we do with schools throughout Westchester County is to enrich their curriculum. We have launched a new project, Outside My Window, and we invite all teachers and students to share their new world with us—virtually. Make a picture—a photograph, a sketch, a drawing, a painting—or write a short poem or prose piece about what you can see outside your window or on a walk.

These creations will form a digital community exhibition of images and words that will chronicle the historic time we are living in and spark a conversation about our unique perspectives on life spent inside the confines of our homes during the pandemic. Select works will also be curated for an installation at the Museum when we reopen. We recognize that these moments can be challenging or uplifting, dark or beautiful; they reveal our shared experiences and our common humanity. By expressing what we see outside through words or pictures, we communicate what we are feeling inside. That is the power of art.

Party and Plan

We’re a creative group at the HRM. Just because the galleries are closed doesn’t mean we can’t figure out a way to get you to experience Derrick Adams: Buoyant from home. Join us Saturday, May 9 for a live Instagram tour with exhibition co-curator James E. Bartlett. I will be there to personally guide you through the installation.

Honoring Our Mothers

Speaking of inspiration and resilience, don’t miss a bilingual program this Sunday, May 10, 2pm, streaming from Mexico, Music for Our Mothers—a live Zoom concert of Mexican folk music with Mezzo Soprano Jacinta Fuentes, accompanied on the piano by Crystian Anaya Gutierrez. They will perform songs in the native languages of Oaxaca and Chiapas in honor of mothers everywhere!

Sending you wishes of good health.

Stay connected and be well,

Masha Turchinsky
Director and CEO