Join HRM’s “Outside My Window” Community Exhibition

The Hudson River Museum wants to see the world from students’ perspective, one window at a time. We invite teachers and students to share your new world with us—virtually. Make a picture—a photograph, a sketch, a drawing, a painting—or write a short poem or prose piece about what you can see outside your window or on a walk.

A selection of your creations will form a community exhibition of images and words that will chronicle the historic time we are living in and spark a conversation about our unique perspectives on life spent inside the confines of our homes during the pandemic. We recognize that these moments can be challenging or uplifting, dark or beautiful; They reveal our shared experiences and our common humanity. By expressing what we see outside through words or pictures, we communicate what we are feeling inside. That is the power of art.

We will be accepting submissions of photographs, sketches, drawings, paintings, short poems, and prose pieces as jpegs from now through Friday, May 22, 2020. Please submit only one original work per person.

Submission Form

Teachers can submit photos of their students’ work using the submission form above or by posting the work to Instagram. For the latter, please include the name of your school, plus the hashtags #HudsonRiverMuseum and #OutsideMyWindow, and tag the @HudsonRiverMuseum. In addition, please provide the student’s first name (only) and grade level. For example: Alexandra, 3rd Grade, PS 9.

Also, check out this Self in the City Teaching Resource, which includes an Outside My Window activity, and explore other resources on HRM’s Museum from Home. Please reach out to with any questions or comments.

Support provided by Art Bridges.