Lizzy Alejandro Leads and Curates The Body as a Vessel

The Body as a Vessel was a three-part photography and collage workshop series led by artist Lizzy Alejandro in June 2022, inspired by Collection Spotlight: Women Photographers, on view in the galleries through September 11. The series delved into mixed-media art and prompted participants to think of and portray their bodies as repositories of emotions and experiences.

The workshops culminated in an exhibition of the final photo collages created by participants, including Dorota Bil, Brielle Conyers, Deborah Jennings, Thomasenia Myers, Sara Rosa, Tim Sinclair, and Carol Solomon. The exhibition is on view in HRM’s Joyce Greene Education Center and was organized by Alejandro.

The first workshop served as an introduction to the two mediums. Participants learned methods of portrait photography composition, as well as collage techniques such as ripping, cutting, and layering images. Using polaroid cameras, participants practiced these skills and created works of art that conveyed their personal narratives.

The second workshop focused on studio photography. Using light modifiers, Alejandro demonstrated the difference between hard and soft lighting and its effect on a subject’s face. Participants were introduced to lighting techniques such as split, under, butterfly, and broad lighting. They paired up and took portraits of each other employing one of the lighting methods they had learned.

During the third workshop, the final pieces were completed, combining photographs from the previous session with various collage materials. The program culminated in an art critique in which everyone took turns speaking about their artwork and sharing constructive feedback with each other.


About Lizzy Alejandro
Lizzy Alejandro is a visual artist from the Bronx whose work explores themes of identity and challenges notions of the status quo. She received her MFA in Digital Media from Lehman College in 2019. Alejandro’s work has been exhibited at Fordham University, Taller Boricua Gallery, Lehman College Art Gallery, Bronx Art Space, Andrew Freedman Home, Lincoln Hospital, the Galleries at Krasdale Foods, the Bronx Latin American Art Biennial, Empty Set Gallery, Longwood Art Gallery, El Barrio’s Artspace PS109, Riverfront Art Gallery, Bethany Arts Community, and at Photoville 11th Annual Festival.


This program was supported by funds from the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) through the American Recovery Plan Act.