The Power of Gratitude

Dear Friends of the HRM,

In a year such as this one, I am reminded of the profound power of gratitude. I will start out by saying how appreciative I am that you are part of our Museum. Even in these challenging times, you have been the most wonderful community and have brought a special energy and thoughtfulness that makes the HRM a unique gathering place.

It’s your presence—whether you are crossing our threshold or participating virtually from miles away—that energizes us, bridges distances, and provides inspiration for our mission-based work at every turn. Thank you for supporting us through memberships, gifts, and partnerships, and joining us to work with our community, including us in your conversations, and sometimes just checking in.

I look forward to this weekend every year, not only because I get to break bread with those dear to me, but I also get to see many of you and your families in person. This season I have been particularly moved by the life-affirming work found in Jamel Robinson: Beauty from Ashes and I am grateful to this artist for reminding us that every day is an opportunity to use our circumstance as a platform of expression and to better the life of another.

I am also thankful for special visitors who are making time to come to the HRM this week. The Thunderbird American Indian Dancers, one of the best-known and the oldest resident Native American dance companies in New York—founded by Native American descendants of the Mohawk, Hopi, Winnebago, and San Blas tribes—will perform social dances as part of their mission to preserve and present their diverse culture. Join us this Friday at 3pm to experience and learn more about these beautiful traditions that express their unique indigenous relationship to the land and landscapes of our region.

This note of gratitude would not be complete without an enormous thanks to the entire HRM team. One could not ask for a more creative, innovative, caring group with whom to share experiences, change lives, and build a stronger community together.

Wishing you all good will and great company in the days ahead,

Masha Turchinsky
Director and CEO


Photo: Team HRM by Alyson Landers