Glenview Historic Home

Catch Glenview Historic Home in The Gilded Age on HBO

Glenview, the Museum’s Gilded Age historic home, got a close up in HBO’s much-anticipated show, The Gilded Age, which premiered January 24.

HRM to Commemorate 20th Anniversary of 9/11 with Illumination of Glenview Historic Home as Part of Tribute in Light

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the Hudson River Museum will illuminate the tower of Glenview historic home—the Museum’s 1877 Gilded Age home on the National Register of Historic Places—as an extension of Tribute in Light.

Celebrate the Holidays Close to Home with Victorian Decorations and Programs at Glenview

…nineteenth-century doll, ivory chess set, beloved children’s books, and a well-loved teddy bear. Be sure to visit the Museum’s historic dollhouse, Nybylwyck Hall, which will also be on view for…

Welcome the Holidays with Victorian Decorations and Special Programs!

…and new miniature decorations in Nybylwyck Hall Dollhouse. Each room is defined by a specific color scheme—the Parlor, for example, will feature teal, royal blue, and chartreuse hues that play…

Mourning in the Victorian Era and Glenview

During a time when infant mortality was high and doctors were unable to prevent the spread of disease, the act of mourning became a frequent and public affair—one that also spread to Glenview. A selection of the Museum’s collection of Victorian mourning items is on view through November 17.

The Goblins Are Back at Nybylwyck Hall

…align with the historic style and period of Nybelwyck Hall, and help tell the drama-filled story of the Van Nybelwyck family who resides there. The exterior of the mansion is…

The Trevor Family

A philanthropist, John Bond Trevor was deeply involved with the local community, helping to build the Warburton Avenue Baptist Church and to found what eventually became St. John’s Riverside Hospital.

1923: Purchase of Glenview

Due to generous donations and strong interest, The Yonkers Museum collection outgrew the space provided in City Hall in just a few years. In 1923, Glenview, a Victorian mansion on the banks of the Hudson River, was offered for sale.

Winter Wonderland

…smoke cigars and share their best brandy. The holiday decorations in Glenview, which also include installations by theatrical designer Karin White and miniatures in Nybylwyck Hall dollhouse courtesy of D….