Early Explorers Space in the Education Center



Saturdays & Sundays 12 - 5 pm
A safe space for children to explore, play, and create with their families.
The room hosts a large-scale dollhouse, blocks, puppet theater, and books.
A Junior Docent is present to answer questions and suggest activities.




Family Studio: Art & Science Projects





Creative activities weekends inspired by the Museum’s collections and exhibitions,
led by Junior Docents and art and science professionals.
Ages 7+, can be adapted for younger children.

Art Projects          Saturdays & Sundays    1 - 4 pm

Spring Artists in Residence

Spring Art Projects designed and led by Janny Gedeon and Karen Orloff from ArchForKids each Sunday February 7, March 6, and April 3. Led by Junior Docents other days. ArchForKids encourages students to discover architectural design.



Build Two Bridges from pre-drawn plans—the Bridge of the Americas and the Centennial Bridge, which span the Pan-American Highway that joins North and South America.




Science Projects       Saturdays   1 - 4 pm

Spring Scientist
in Residence

Dr. John Waldman, a Queens College biology professor and expert on North American fish, designed the Museum’s spring Science Projects that explore the life cycle and habitats of Hudson River fish. Work with Dr. Waldman Saturdays on February 6, March 5, and April 2.



Make a Watery Story Wheel, a collage from fragments that show the life cycle of a Hudson River fish and other river organisms.


Family Programs are sponsored in part by