Family Studio: Arts & Science Projects





Creative activities weekends inspired by the Museum’s collections and exhibitions, led by Junior Docents and art and science professionals.
Ages 7+, can be adapted for younger children.

Science Projects          Saturdays    1 - 4 pm

October 3 and November 7
Solar Power Workshops
designed by Dr. Alan Bigelow

Saturday, October 24    2 pm
Talk: Dr. Bigelow discusses Sun, Solutions in Song

NEW! Fall Scientist in
Residence Alan Bigelow,
Scientist and Musician

Dr. Alan Bigelow, from Columbia University’s Center for Radiological Research, travels to Nepal and India to build solar ovens that cook with clean energy. In both India and the United States, he raises awareness about climate change to promote sustainable living and his solar oven is a powerful tool. He has another way, too, as a founding member of the solar-powered, eco-rock band Solar Punch.

September 12 - October 24
Solar Arrays

Build and test a setup of solar cells that generate electric current. Discover machines that operate with energy from the Sun

November 7 - December 26
Solar Cookers

Build a solar cooker and concentrate the Sun’s power with an array of mirrors. Bake Solar Cookies!


Art Project          Saturdays & Sundays     1 - 4 pm

Dancer in a Box
Paint a dance scene in a box and mold a dancer from pipe cleaners and art materials.
Ages 7+, can be adapted for younger children.


FALL Artist in Residence
LeAnn Yannelli, Choreographer

Chair of the Kent Place School Dance Department, Summit, New Jersey, LeAnn Yannelli choreographs ballet, modern pieces, and musicals. She also created choreography for the Sarah Lawrence College Dance Program, the Chatham Opera, and Staunton Music Festival.


family day

Sunday, October 18   12 - 5 pm
Dancers Among Us: Jordan Matter

Gallery Stage
Body Stories: Teresa Fellion Dance
1 & 3 pm

Photo Your Fast-moving Kids   3 - 5 pm
Parents capture your children in motion with fast shutter speeds. Jordan Matter shows you how.
Bring your cameras and your kids!

Activities   1 - 4 pm

  • Make a Dancer in a Box
  • Light Painting
    Create amazing photographs and animations with only a camera and a flashlight.
    Ages 7+

Halloween 10/31 + Dance of Death 11/1

Jordan Matter. Dancer with Puppets, 2015

Saturday, October 31    1 - 6 pm
Food trucks and Mexican food for purchase all “spooky weekend.”

Halloween Art & Science Projects
1 - 4 pm
Make black paper cutouts and fearful paper flowers.
See and do spooky science tricks.

Saturday Dance Workshop 1, 2, 3 pm
Dance excerpts from Michael Jackson’s album Thriller with Tara Giangrande and the Dynamic Rocker,
Mouse. Dance with them on the dance floor!

Halloween Stories    4 - 5:30 pm
April Armstrong tells scary tales to tingle your spine and make you laugh. Thud, Crunch, Scream, Boo! Deep down in the bayou there is a critter running around with its tail missing. Will he get it back? A little girl is given a special cookie. What happens when she bites into it?
25 minutes. Ages 4-10. Afterwards, treats for brave listeners.

Ghosts of Nybelwyck Hall    6 pm
Talk by Miniaturist Darren Scala. Definitely scary.

Sky Frights Planetarium Show    6 pm
See night creatures and the horrors that lurk among the stars!


Sunday, November 1    1 - 4 pm
Dance of Death
Star Shows
One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure 12:30 pm
Un cielo, un mondo, la Aventura de Big Bird 1 pm

Gallery Stage 1 & 3 pm
Dance of Death - Kid Glyde and the Dynamic Rockers, NYC street dancers perform leaping acrobatics, bone-breaking movements, and explosive angles.

Tour 1 pm
YOHO Artists
Dance of Death Art
Artists: Catherine Latson; Alison Collins,
Ruth M. Gilbert, Adam Shultz, Alexa Grace, and Deer Moses.

Alexa Grace. Death and the Maiden,
1985. Porcelain on asphalt on board.

All Afternoon
Day of Death Altar
by Aurelia Fernandez
Mask Your Face!
Face Painting by Agostino Arts