Sat, October 29 & Sun, October 30      1 - 4 pm

  • Trick or Treat: Come in costume, get candy!
  • Star Show: Night Frights!    2 pm
  • Make Halloween Hats with googly eyes, glow-in-the-dark paint, and more!
  • Play with oozy slime and immerse yourself in surreal space sounds!

‘Specially on October 29

Halloween Stories with April Armstrong
      3, 3:30 & 4 pm
April Armstrong is a featured storyteller in the Hudson Valley, a place of lively ghosts and ghoulies at Halloween time. Listen to her tell spooky, but not too spooky, stories in Glenview’s Great Hall. Hear about a spooky house, about a witch and a special kind of horse, and about a strange and wonderful cookie that makes a bad situation better.
Ages 4-10

April garnered a 2015 BRIO Award for storytelling from the Bronx Council for the Arts and her debut CD, The Cat Came Back: Stories and Songs with a Jazzy Twist won a 2015 Parent’s Choice Award – Silver.


‘Specially on October 30
Costume Parade and Contest    1 - 2 pm

Planetarium: Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds — a Live Radio Frightfest    3:30 pm

Mars invades. This year, they’re back for Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds, real-time radio presented by Spring Training Productions. One show only on Sunday, October 30 at 3:30 pm. The story starts when a seemingly harmless meteor strike turns out to be the vanguard of a mega-Martian attack. Thrill to the story and the audio visual trick-or-treats projected on the Planetarium dome. War of the Worlds, first published by novelist H.G. Wells, was turned into a live radio play by Orson Welles in 1938.  Extraterrestrial invasion makes a good story and like all good stories, this one stays real and lives on.


Family Studio: Art & Science Projects





Creative activities weekends inspired by the Museum’s collections and exhibitions,
led by Junior Docents and art and science professionals.
Ages 7+, can be adapted for younger children.

Art Projects          Saturdays & Sundays    1 - 4 pm

Paint the Civil War
On foam core, recreate Red Grooms vivid paintings of Civil War generals and soldiers, using tempera paint, oil pastels, wood grain duct tape, fabric and markers.

Build Your Own Artist Studio
If you were creating your own space, what would it look like? Make an object for your space, just like artist Tom Burckhardt did for his artist's room called FULL STOP. Use cardboard and black paint.


Science Projects       Saturdays   1 - 4 pm

Make a micro-watershed that demonstrates the chemistry of water flowing from the mountains to the sea.

Experiment with shells and limestone, etching your own design to take home while learning how ocean acidity
affects aquatic life.

* Workshops on the first Saturday of the month will be led by Scientist-in-Residence Alexandra Bausch.


Early Explorers Space in the Education Center


Saturdays & Sundays 1 - 4 pm
A safe space for children to explore, play, and create with their families.
The room hosts a large-scale dollhouse, blocks, puppet theater, and books.
A Junior Docent is present to answer questions and suggest activities.

Must be accompanied by a caregiver. Up to age 5




Fri, November 25       12 - 5 pm

  • Holiday Sky Tonight
    12:30 pm
  • The Victorian’s Guide to the Galaxy
    2 pm
    First Showing!
  • Magic by Kathie
    1 & 3 pm
  • Holiday Sing-a-long
    4 pm
  • Make Rustic Holiday Ornaments
    1 - 4 pm