Friday, November 27 • 1 - 5pm
Nicholas Young Body Percussionist
1 & 3 pm

. . . Snapping, clapping, stomping and clicking his tongue . . . a one-man band juggling two or three rhythms at once, developing a sophisticated composition . . .
                        Brian Siebert, New York Times

Nicholas Young, dancer, musician, choreographer, and most recently, lead role in Off Broadway’s STOMP, just premiered his New York-based dance company SoundMovement.


Glenview, Victorian River Home and Nybelwyck Hall, Dollhouse



Holiday bright and beautiful
November 27 - January 10




Glenview Explainers show you both homes Wednesday through Sunday 1 & 3 pm


NEW Star Show
The Girl Who Walked Upside Down
12:30 & 3:30 pm

See Planetarium page for information.

Make an Ornament
1 - 4 pm

Transform a child-friendly ornament into the form of a dancer with art materials.

Early Explorers Space in the Education Center



Saturdays & Sundays 12 - 5 pm
A safe space for children to explore, play, and create with their families.
The room hosts a large-scale dollhouse, blocks, puppet theater, and books.
A Junior Docent is present to answer questions and suggest activities.




Family Studio: Arts & Science Projects





Creative activities weekends inspired by the Museum’s collections and exhibitions, led by Junior Docents and art and science professionals.
Ages 7+, can be adapted for younger children.

Science Projects          Saturdays    1 - 4 pm

October 3 and November 7
Solar Power Workshops
designed by Dr. Alan Bigelow

Saturday, October 24    2 pm
Talk: Dr. Bigelow discusses Sun, Solutions in Song

NEW! Fall Scientist in
Residence Alan Bigelow,
Scientist and Musician

Dr. Alan Bigelow, from Columbia University’s Center for Radiological Research, travels to Nepal and India to build solar ovens that cook with clean energy. In both India and the United States, he raises awareness about climate change to promote sustainable living and his solar oven is a powerful tool. He has another way, too, as a founding member of the solar-powered, eco-rock band Solar Punch.

September 12 - October 24
Solar Arrays

Build and test a setup of solar cells that generate electric current. Discover machines that operate with energy from the Sun

November 7 - December 26
Solar Cookers

Build a solar cooker and concentrate the Sun’s power with an array of mirrors. Bake Solar Cookies!


Art Project          Saturdays & Sundays     1 - 4 pm

Dancer in a Box
Paint a dance scene in a box and mold a dancer from pipe cleaners and art materials.
Ages 7+, can be adapted for younger children.


FALL Artist in Residence
LeAnn Yannelli, Choreographer

Chair of the Kent Place School Dance Department, Summit, New Jersey, LeAnn Yannelli choreographs ballet, modern pieces, and musicals. She also created choreography for the Sarah Lawrence College Dance Program, the Chatham Opera, and Staunton Music Festival.


Family Programs are sponsored in part by


School’s Out, Stars Are In (SOSI)    12 - 5 pm

Mon - Thur
December 28, 29, 30, 31
1 - 4 pm

Planetarium shows and workshops FREE with Museum admission for students on school break.
Participants must be accompanied by a caregiver.

STEAM Projects
The new Tappan Zee Bridge rises in a complex habitat, the Hudson River Estuary.
Build a replica of the new bridge with educators from Arch for Kids and take home a banner with images of the living things which exist among, and on, the bridge pylons.
Activity developed with fish biologist Dr. John Waldman of Queens College.


STAR SHOWS 12:30 & 3:30 pm The Girl Who Walked Upside Down
  2 pm Holiday Star Show

School’s Out, Stars Are In is sponsored by