Early Explorers Space in the Education Center



Saturdays & Sundays 1 - 4 pm
A safe space for children to explore, play, and create with their families.
The room hosts a large-scale dollhouse, blocks, puppet theater, and books.
A Junior Docent is present to answer questions and suggest activities.




Family Studio: Art & Science Projects





Creative activities weekends inspired by the Museum’s collections and exhibitions,
led by Junior Docents and art and science professionals.
Ages 7+, can be adapted for younger children.

Art Projects          Saturdays & Sundays    1 - 4 pm

June and July
Make a car from cardboard boxes, straws, tape, and bottle caps, powered by a balloon.
Ages 5+

August and September
Turn a paper towel roll into a rocket, attach it to a strung fishing line, and race it across the room.
Ages 5+


Science Projects       Saturdays   1 - 4 pm

Assemble a “community inflatable” from geometric shapes.
Ages 7+

Make a Plant Pal
Plant seeds in a mini flowerpot to take home, and watch your Pal grow.
Ages 3+



Family Programs are sponsored in part by