June 5 & August 7
Tongue in Cheek

July 3 & September 4
Pure & Simple



Arts in the Afternoon

Wednesdays 1:30 pm, Gallery Tour follows - 3 pm
Lifelong Learning for Adults

A Summer of Music!

June 8
Westchester Philharmonic Duet
Peter Reit, French Horn, and Alyssa Reit, Harp, perform Bach, Grieg, Villa Lobos, and Armenian folk music.

July 13
Bash the Trash: Homemade Instruments in Popular Culture
John Bertles and Carina Piaggio build and perform on musical instruments made from recycled materials, a process with roots in Spike Jones TV shows of the 1950s, Jug Bands of the 20s and 30s, and New Orleans Razzy Dazzy Spasm Band.


August 10
KJ Denhert
Vocalist KJ Denhert returns to the Museum with her dynamic blend of urban folk and jazz.


Dance and Music Workshops

Saturday, June 25
4 - 5 pm


Break Dance
Essential Break moves with Kid Glyde. All ages

Music Technology
Develop electronic music with Trilogy band and John Yannelli, Director of Electronic Music and Music Technology at Sarah Lawrence College. Use Ableton Live, Digital Performer, and ProTools software. Ages 14+

Sky and Earth Sunday

Sunday, April 24     12 - 5 pm
A Stellar Day


NEW Star Show: Habitat Earth
12:30 & 3:30 pm

From colonies of tiny microbes to massive whales to humans, Habitat Earth shows what it means to live in a world connected by vastly different forms of life.
All ages.




Performance: Sky-inspired Music
2 pm

The Cassatt Quartet previews excerpts from Voyagers, new music by composer Gerald Cohen, and performs sky-inspired music by Haydn, Peter Schickele, Ernest Bloch, Margaret Brower, and Dan Visconti. Gerald Cohen wrote Voyagers because the 1970s Voyager spacecraft launched with a Golden Record of music from our planet.


Multi-media Talk: Neil Maher — Think Globally, Act Locally
4 pm

How NASA’s Apollo Program Launched the Environmental Movement on Earth Thanks to NASA’s earth-orbiting satellites we know about the ozone hole above the Antarctic, Amazon deforestation, and increasingly warm temperatures on earth. In film and video, Neil Maher, Associate Professor of History, Rutgers, shows NASA photographs sparking today’s environmental movement. This program is sponsored by the New York State Council on the Humanities.

Observe through the Telescope’s Eye
1 - 4 pm

View the sun with Coronado SolarMax II 60. See solar prominences, faculae, and granulation – not just sunspots. A telescope with multiple filters and safety features, it is safe to point at the sun.



Organized by teens for teens!
Friday, May 13    5 - 8 pm

  • Junior Docent Dance
    Performances and Art Exhibition
  • Junior Docent Film Picks from YoFI. See them in the Planetarium
  • Artist Jimmy Kuehnle, who loves bright colors, and Teens decorate the Teen Night room with markers and paint.






Saturday, May 14
12 - 5 pm (Rain Date May 15)
Yonkers Arts Weekend

Kites and Kite Contests! Music! AND a Big, Beautiful, Walking Inflatable

1 - 4 pm



Newspaper Kites!
Junior Docents lead newspaper kite workshops



Meet Artist Jimmy Kuehnle who clogs the sidewalks and tangles up the kite lines in his towering inflatable suit, The Walking Fish, powered by a 12v blower motor and freeing Kuehnle to cram between festival attendees. His message, “Stop. Talk to me. We are both people” (that is, you and The Walking Fish). The brightly colored suits make nonsense of common sense, and, though huge, glide with grace along the ground.

Fly Kites and Compete for a Prize
Judges Billy Echevarria and Leucio Parrella, members of Kites In Motion, a kite club, and the American Kiteflyers Association
(AKA) award prizes for:

  • Highest Angle Kite (Youth and Adult) 1:30 & 2:30 pm
  • 50 Yard Dash (Kids only) 2 & 4 pm
  • Most Unusual Kite (Youth and Adult: handmade or purchased) 4:30 pm


Solar Scientist Alan Bigelow and the Solar Punch Band
2:30 - 4 pm


Food for purchase



Glenview Tours

Wednesdays through Sundays - 1 & 3 pm
The house is closed Wednesday through Friday, except during tour times.
The house is open 12 to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Walk through Glenview, the Museum’s river home, with a Glenview Explainer.
Tour elegant 19th-century restored rooms and see their paintings and furniture.