Upcoming Exhibitions

Envy: A Classic Tale
June 6 – September 26, 2015


       Adrien Broom creates the consuming experience of envy, as she draws from age-old myths and the lore of fairytales to bring a fearsome green world to bloom in her cinematographic photographs, molding a tightrope balance between reality and fantasy. Beware that Broom’s mass media strategies do not kindle the emotion of envy in you, the viewer.
       “It's going to be a weird head place to be in for a year,’ Broom says. “It's just thinking about envy all day long. Fairy tales are very dark, but very fascinating. I'm going to be living in those old, old texts for a while. The show will be really cool. I’m taking a ton of photographs and doing three rooms with full installation and I'm really looking forward to that.”
       A smoldering “green-eyed monster,” envy may be a subtle spur to success. It is definitely endemic in the celebrity-infused worlds of Hollywood, Washington, the art scene, in global cities such as New York, and in “keeping up with the Joneses” suburbia, such as Westchester, New York City’s status-hungry suburb. Envy can produce pleasure of sorts when we watch the downfall of others who dared to reach higher than we. Lest it sound all good, envy also implies not just resentment of others but dissatisfaction within oneself. In many ways envy is a “gateway” emotion, one that leads to other more overt behaviors, such as the violence of wrath.
       Adrien Broom lives and works in Brooklyn and is an artist with a penchant for the bizarre and beautiful. She took a degree in computer animation from Northeastern University and studied fine art in Florence and art history in London. Broom's photographs have been featured in numerous exhibitions in Connecticut and New York City, as well as in the American Dreamers exhibition at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence in 2012.

The exhibition is organized by the Hudson River Museum and curated by Bartholomew Bland, the Museum’s Director of Curatorial Affairs.