The Singing Bone

ENVY drives a brother to deceit and murder . . .

nce upon a time a giant boar was ravaging the kingdom, and no one was brave enough to challenge it. Finally, the king offered his daughter’s hand in marriage to anyone who could kill the devilish creature. Two poor brothers offered to try, the elder out of pride, the younger out of kindness. On their journey to find the boar, the younger brother encountered a dwarf who gave him a magical spear with which he killed the boar. The older brother, who had dawdled in a tavern, was so envious upon seeing that his brother had the dead boar and could marry the princess, that he killed him. He buried his younger brother’s body beneath a bridge, then successfully claimed the princess for himself.
Years later a shepherd crossing the bridge saw a piece of bone and carved it into a mouthpiece for his horn. When he tried to play it, the bone sang:

Oh, my dear shepherd,
You are blowing on my little bone.
My brother killed me,
And buried me beneath the bridge,
To get the wild boar
For the daughter of the king.

When he showed the magic bone to the king, the evil brother’s game was up.