Snow White

Prideful beauty breeds ENVY . . .


orn to a queen who died shortly after her birth, the Princess Snow White was raised by the king’s second wife, a beautiful but jealous woman. The new queen prided herself on her beauty and would not tolerate a rival. She often looked into her magic mirror and admired her reflection, chanting:

Mirror, mirror on the wall
who in this realm is the fairest of all?

One day the mirror told her:

You, my Queen have a beauty quite rare,
but Snow White is a thousand times more fair.

            At this answer, the evil queen became yellow and green with ENVY. Like weeds, envy and arrogance grew dense in her heart and she fashioned a wicked plan to kill the girl. She ordered her huntsman to take Snow White to the forest and murder her but the kindly man allowed the princess to flee into the woods. Instead of the heart of Snow White, the huntsman brought the heart of a stag to the queen, who greedily devoured it, believing Snow White dead.
            The mirror again revealed a truth to the queen — this time that the huntsman did not kill the princess, so the queen, disguised, set off to find Snow White and tempt her with an apple that, poisoned, would kill her. Snow White who had taken refuge in the cottage of seven dwarves ate the apple and fell into a deep sleep. Saddened, the dwarves laid her to rest in a glass coffin. Year later, overwhelmed by sleeping Snow White’s beauty, a prince kissed her.
           Snow White awoke.
           She became his queen.
           She was revenged when the evil queen was made to dance
to her death in hot iron shoes.