Vargas-Suarez Universal
Stardust: Deep Field, 2002
Wall drawing installation view 11'x 34.5'
Courtesy Thomas Erben Gallery

Proper Motion "Pictures"

an installation by Vargas-Suarez Universal
February 8 - May 18, 2003
Artist in Residence
Installation Period: January 13 - February 3, 2003

Artist Vargas-Suarez investigates High Proper Motion of the stars and constellations with wall murals and working drawings. High Proper Motion, the movement of distant stars and constellations over millions of years, creates the changing relationship of stars to one another and to viewers on earth. Vargas-Suarez's installation includes circular wall drawings of the northern and southern hemispheres and a radial-symmetry mural of High Proper Motion covering the entire curvilinear wall outside the museum's Andrus planetarium.